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Zoom will offer automatic transcription for all your accounts

Zoom will extend automatic transcripts for all accounts

Automatic transcripts are one of the accessibility tools that Zoom deployed in its service to facilitate the use of this platform by a greater number of people.

“As part of our commitment to connecting users around the world, we are focused on continually improving our capabilities to provide a platform that is accessible to all of the diverse communities we serve,” they highlight in the official statement.

Through Zoom Meetings, manual transcriptions, accessible keyboard, pinning or highlighting the interpreter’s video, screen reader support, and a variety of accessibility settings are offered to all users.

The novelty is that automatic transcripts will now be extended to all users. Additionally, for free account users who require live transcription, the company offers automatic transcripts to meeting organizers on request. To enter this request you must complete the following form , as mentioned in the blog.

Other useful tools

1. End-to-end encryption

To activate this option you have to enter your Zoom user, and within the section Meeting/Security you have to look for the option that says “End-to-End Encrypted Meetings (E2E)”And enable the option.

The option is within Security on the Meeting tab
The option is within Security on the Meeting tab

It should be noted that encrypted meetings they don’t support cloud-based features like recording, phone dialing, live transcripts, and sending reactions, for example. Also, no one can join the meeting before the host.

The tool is available for free and paid accounts. Keep in mind that for end-to-end encryption to work all call participants must have this feature enabled.

2. The filters

Filters allow you to add virtual layers to the face. To use this option it is necessary to have the desktop version of the application installed. When you are already in the video call, either as a host or a guest, you have to click on the arrow icon next to the video and a menu of options will be displayed, one of which is Select video filter. Click there.

Zoom filter 2
Zoom filter 2

Once pressed there, a menu with various options will be displayed. You have to select the one you want and this will activate the filter for that and other video calls as well. To deactivate the selection and return to the version without a filter, choose the option that says “None” which means “none”.

Another alternative offered by this video call service are the studio effects, which are in the lower left margin. Within this section you can choose to change the color of the eyebrows and lips, as well as add different types of beards to the face. In the upper margin, if the option “apply to all future meetings” is checked, it means that unless it is deactivated, the indicated selection will be seen in all calls made. To deactivate each one of the options, you have to choose “none” in each case, as mentioned above in the case of video filters.



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