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Who is the Brazilian makeup artist that celebrities choose for their video clips and films

Pâmella Gonçalves, the makeup artist trusted by Argentine artists and singers

“La negra” is her pseudonym on Instagram, and as everyone knows her in the art world. Pâmella Gonçalves is a makeup artist from Rio de Janeiro who landed in Buenos Aires just over two years ago. She is also a model, actress and with a background in Portuguese and Brazilian literature who began to carry out campaigns and work for several renowned brands and in several countries.

His triumph in the world of makeup was no coincidence Y account to Infobae that for her it was always her passion, since she remembers that when she was a model she paid a lot of attention to how the makeup artists took care of her skin and with the delicacy that they tried to highlight her features to make her look cuter.

But one day, she had to put on makeup for a campaign of a well-known cell phone brand and the director asked who the makeup artist had been, and that’s where he was able to do something professionally and live on what he really loved. “Had a lot of insecurity how to start because I had never done any courses, ”acknowledged Pamella.

It was like this she began to study alone, day, night and at dawn. He would stop people on the street and call on his friends to be his role models and practice with them. Juan, his companion, bought a good cell phone to take the best pictures and have a professional portfolio. “It was not easy to enter the market being self-taught. My family raised me to be a traditional professional. I am a university professor of Portuguese and literature. In other words, nothing to see, ”he says with a laugh.

His arrival in the country was not easy. He had to start from scratch. Nobody knew her here and she had a clear objective: not fail “neither his family nor his dream.” He left his job in a multinational company and never lowered his arms. Made a new portfolio with the same “crazy things” with new people.

While he says it’s not a glamorous job like everyone thinks it is, it is a job that is expensive because each product costs a lot of money, is constantly studying new techniques to always be at the forefront and most don’t see it.

A makeup characterization by Pamella
A makeup characterization by Pamella

“I am the mother of a 9-year-old girl and when I see that a job was 10 points, I have the same feeling of a birth, and I say, ‘heck, how nice it was’, and that is what I like the most, the emotion of See every video clip or movie ready. Have in my hands the possibility of creating what they want without any limitation because it is pure art”, She says proud of her work.

Count that it was “very crazy” the way Argentine artists began to trust her for makeup. He met producer Jorge Castro, a Colombian who had a video clip production company here in the country, in a project for a major TV channel. Once that project ended they exchanged their Instagram accounts. One day, Pamella, without being ashamed, He sent him a message saying that he wanted to give him his portfolio so that he would take it into account and he replied that when he had something he would let him know.

Pamella made up the ragman Khea for a video clip
Pamella made up the ragman Khea for a video clip

A week he received the long-awaited message saying if he was available for a video clip for Neo Pistea and CRO, which was with more than 10 girls to do makeup and some extras, all alone and without assistance.

I didn’t even think and said ‘obviously count on me’. When he told me who the artists were, I had no idea who they were. I never went to consume Argentine music. I was newcomer. He did not know who they were. And when the day came, I said to the artists, sorry, what’s your name? And CRO answers me ‘my name is Tomás’ and I say,’ Nice to meet you, Tomás, I’m the crazy black woman, your makeup artist. I don’t know who you are, and I beg your pardon, but I’m going to make you so cute that people will cry with envy ‘”.

And from that day on, the production company kept calling “la negra” and recommending her to other friendly producers, until the same artists began to call her directly, such as Khea, Duki, CRO, Tini, María Becerra and many others from the trap.

Juana Viale, one of the actresses that Pamella made up
Juana Viale, one of the actresses that Pamella made up

But not only does she do makeup for singers, she recently met Norah Bustos, an art director who invited her to participate as makeup boss in the movie called “The Inevitable” -still unused, due to the COVID-19 pandemic- whose protagonists are Luciano Cáceres, Juana Viale, Javier Godino (a Spanish actor who was the protagonist in secret from her eyes) and Carlos Portaluppi, among others, where for her it was a whole new experience to work on an Argentine film with such a short time of arrival in the country.

As a funny anecdote, and also embarrassing, Pamella says that recently worked with Abel Pintos and they asked her if she could do makeup, and she he asked “who is Abel Pintos?” And he heard a voice next to him that said: “I am Abel.”. “I didn’t know where to put my face, but that time I was very grotesque, I couldn’t disguise myself, it was next to me. I apologized to him and told him that I was not Argentine ”.

In full action with Abel Pintos
In full action with Abel Pintos

Nor did he know that Martina Stoessel was Tini, nor that Juana Viale was Mirtha Legrand’s granddaughter, The same with Khea, whom he called Kiko throughout the shoot. “I change names all the time. I confuse them with others, but they keep calling me ”.

Although she does makeup of all kinds, she says that his passion is 5K characterization and everything audiovisual. Although he admits that it is tiring and many hours of work, it is what makes her really happy.

Pamella in a 5K characterization
Pamella in a 5K characterization

“With 5k characterizations I can transform anyone’s face in a real way and make it look like a filter of something very, very cool. It is a technique that I studied a lot to make it as real as possible. What I do not like to do is social for weddings and 15 years, I do not identify with that atmosphere, I admire those who do it and manage to do it ”.

Lastly, as she was able to fight for her dreams, she leaves a message for those who want to become professional makeup artists and makeup artists. “Don’t give up if it’s what you love, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy, it just means that you put yourself first and foremost and be responsible. That you are in all the details, that you always learn something new and that you know that there is always room for everyone. Do not look at your teammates as a competition, you have to be the best you can. And regardless of whether you pay a little or a lot, the money comes when it is done for true love and not for glamor “.


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