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Who is the Argentine that will be presented in the Miss World 2021 beauty pageant

One more year, In September, the mythical beauty contest will be held “Miss World” which was founded on 1951 in the UK. There since then, they meet women from around the globe to compete for the blue crown which is awarded to the one that meets some of the requirements established by said contest: a comprehensive talent assessment, face-to-face interviews and above all for the presentation of social project of the country it represents.

Argentina actively participates in this contest And for the third time in history, he hopes to bring the crown home. The first winner was Norma Cappagli in Miss World 1960 and the second was Silvana Suarez in the 1978 edition. This year, the one chosen to represent the country is Amira Hidalgo, a 24-year-old girl with the aim of demonstrating each of the virtues, skills and the need to carry out a social project already started from its roots.

Amira hidalgo She has a degree in Journalistic Communication graduated from the UCA (Argentine Catholic University) and thanks to an inexhaustible perseverance managed to reach to be a newscaster with only 21 years of age. From high school Amira found a way to contribute her grain of sand to the community and began to collaborate with family dining rooms in Bella Vista, his neighborhood.

Amira currently works as a journalist at Cronica TV (Instagram: @amirahidalgo)

“As a journalist and news anchor I see daily slights, injustices and social inequalities of our country. This led me to collaborate in dining rooms from my town and later expand the panorama. Support to community centers and especially accompanied the Ninawa Daher Foundation founded after the death of the journalist, which strengthens through its director, Alicia Daher, the legacies that she left in life “, she tells Infobae the one chosen to represent the country.

Knocking on doors of food factories, Amira meeting week after week bags of food to later bring them closer to the spaces that need it most, and having a presence already on television, one day in 2017, a ‘missologist’ -Misses search engine- He approached her to convey his interest in making her participate in the contest, convinced that his profile was the ideal one to do it. At that time, she was focused on finishing her studies and believed that it was better to leave it for later. And finally that long awaited day arrived.

I am excited to represent the integral beauty of Argentina. It will be an event where 130 countries will send their candidates with a diversity of cultures, languages ​​and different styles of beauties. In addition, each country will present its own social project and as ‘Amira journalist’ I am very interested in the social and public policy of each country. I believe that my profession will allow me to enjoy the event even more ”, she says very moved.

Amira Hidalgo was one of the 42 chosen among the 1,000 registered for the Miss World contest (Instagram: @amirahidalgo)

These beauty contests are generally highly criticized globally for stereotyping women and listing only those who meet the beauty canons that govern the rules to participate. However, According to Amira, today she sees a change.

It is taken into account, but it is a balanced, healthy physical state of mind and body. In this case, Miss World is based on an integral beauty where the bases of the contest are: general culture, talent, social responsibility, sport, among others. Likewise, Since 2014, she has taken off her swimsuit as a result of the change of look what is being produced and what we want to produce ”.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the interviews with the selected Miss were made virtually (Instagram: @amirahidalgo)

During 2020, the contest from Miss World Argentina was affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the interviews could not be conducted in person. It was like this that for the first time in history, it was done virtually.

The pre-selection began in the month of March, where out of 1,000 registered, we were 42 candidates from different provinces of the country that we met the necessary requirements to compete internationally ”, details Amira.

And I add: “It was five months of preparation that further increased my knowledge, with ontological coaching classes, public speaking, general culture, English, catwalk and protocol. Going through different stages, a national and international jury evaluated each of the candidates”.

It was prepared with classes on ontological coaching, public speaking, general culture, English, catwalk and protocol (Instagram: @amirahidalgo)

Amira thinks that what can lead her to win this new edition of Miss World 2021 in September is “Keep your feet on the ground, since he considers that it is one of the great qualities that he must have to stand out and stand out from the rest of the contestants “. Besides being herself, keeping its roots, essence and values ​​that my family.

“A Miss must be ‘off-road’You must know how to adapt to all situations and in all contexts. During the 40 days that the contest will last, hosted abroad, I stopped being Amira Hidalgo and became Argentina, the integral beauty ambassador of our beloved country, managing to bring us the Blue Crown “, trust.

Finally, he exclusively anticipates: “Everything that can be said about our country is very broad, What I can anticipate is that at Miss World it has a shortlist of typical dance where I will be showing the authentic Argentine tango”.



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