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WhatsApp postponed for three months the changes in the rules of its service that generated strong criticism

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The WhatsApp instant messaging app announced this Friday that it postponed for three months the implementation of the changes announced in its privacy policy, after strong criticism arose against what was interpreted as a violation of users’ personal data, which the company considers a confusion that it hopes to clear up over time.

“We are postponing the date that people will be asked to review and accept the new terms,” said WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, in a post on its blog.

The new service standards were scheduled to go into effect on February 8, but now the company aspires to be able to do so on May 15 after a review of the change and a gradual information campaign for users.

After the publication in the last days of the modifications in the agreement for the use of the WhatsApp service, Many people interpreted that this consisted of the exchange of personal data, including messages and contacts, between the messaging app and Facebook.

This caused the migration of millions of users from WhatsApp to competitors such as Telegram or Signal, in search of greater protection of your information.

WhatsApp belongs to Facebook and both companies already share a lot of information (REUTERS / Johanna Geron / Illustration / File)

In the following days WhatsApp tried to explain that the changes do not mean a violation of personal data or a greater exchange with Facebook, ensuring that everything had been due to a confusion.

Specifically WhatsApp ensured that neither the app nor Facebook They can see private messages or listen to calls, or share locations or contacts, among other issues.

The explanation, however, It could not stop the criticism or the loss of distrustful users.

“Some people think that WhatsApp will force users of the messaging platform to hand over their personal data to Facebook, which is the owner of it. That is not entirely correct “, considered the specialized journalist Shira Ovide in an article recently published in On Tech.

“WhatsApp’s policies changed superficially and not in a way that provides more data to Facebook. In short, Facebook already collects a lot of information about what people do on WhatsApp ”, explained.

“The confusion was the result of failed communication from Facebook, mistrust in the company and poor data protection laws in the United States,” he concluded.


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