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Weight gain and sedentary lifestyle, the cause of the growth of beauty treatments?

Being and looking good physically long ago ceased to be a social imposition based merely on aesthetics, to become a goal in itself that women and men pursue in order to achieve a state of health and comprehensive well-being.

In a context of pandemic, which for many months had Argentina under what was called preventive and compulsory social isolation, the lifestyle of the majority of the population was affected. With forced home office and homeschooling, closed gyms and the impossibility -in the beginning- of attending parks or public spaces in order to carry out a routine or physical exercise, there were not a few who turned to cooking as a hobby, with the obvious consequence that this would entail.

The specialist in Nutrition and Diabetes, Marianela Aguirre Ackermann (MN 151867) is coordinator of the Obesity Group of the Argentine Nutrition Society (SAN) and helped Infobae to understand the context that led to As soon as the consultations were enabled, the offices of specialists in aesthetic medicine saw an increase in the demand for non-invasive treatments from people who were looking to reconnect with the lost figure.

“We did a study that has just been published in the SAN magazine called Habits during social isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on body weight in which it was seen that 62.1% of those surveyed reported having gained weight (the majority between one and three kilos) As for the causes, six out of ten said that they had increased food and drink intake and that physical activity had decreased; and something very important that we observe is that the people who were already overweight were the ones who gained the most weight (in that group, 66.5% gained weight) “, the expert summarized, on the survey they did on 5,635 people and of whose analysis she was the main author.

In this sense, Aguirre Ackermann pointed out that the factors that they saw related to this weight gain during the first months of the pandemic were “age (the youngest gained more weight), previous excess weight, people who had made changes in their diet, people who reported eating in response to emotions (anxiety was one of the main ones), low level of physical activity, alcohol consumption and sleep disturbances “.

And after highlighting that “68.2% of those surveyed reported having a low level of physical activity either because they had stopped doing it or had reduced it during isolation “, the specialist said that something interesting that they saw when comparing the results with other surveys that were done in other places is that” the values ​​of weight gain that were obtained in Argentina were higher than those found in other isolated places, such as the United States or Spain where the weight gain in the pandemic was lower ”.

During the quarantine, many people changed their diet and it is time to order (Shutterstock)

In this context, non-invasive treatments became an option for many who, as they began to resume physical activity, saw them as an alternative to make up for lost time.

Infobae compiled with the help of specialists, a treatment for each need.

“With the pandemic, many people stopped doing physical activity, there are still many who cannot go to the gyms or find it difficult to resume. Also during the quarantine we modify the diet and it is time to order “. For the dermatologist Christián Sánchez Saizar, “non-invasive technologies can be a good start since they help to solve different problems, to shape the body and today even to tone the muscles and eliminate fat. The key will always be to do it with a medical follow-up and as a complement to a good diet and exercise routines ”.

The specialist highlighted that within the novelties there is one that allows you to “burn fat and tone muscle; it is CM Slim, a new technology that works 100% of the muscle 100% of the time, it is a treatment that reduces fat and builds muscle “.

Thanks to its programmed training with four protocols, in just 30 minutes of treatment it is equivalent to more than 20 thousand supra-maximal muscle contractions, something that is impossible to achieve even by a high performance athlete. “In this way, muscle mass increases while helping to lose fat,” said Sánchez Saizar. And the most important thing is that It adapts to the goal of each one, both for an athlete who seeks to work in depth an area such as the abdomen and for someone who comes without exercising and wants to reactivate and tone”.

Weight gain, along with a sedentary lifestyle, played havoc with the healthy habits of a large part of the population (Shutterstock)

For her part, the plastic surgeon and aesthetic specialist Griselda Seleme highlighted that “This technology, which is based on electrostimulation, is ideal for all types of bodies and structures, since it allows to increase the volume of muscle mass and achieve objectives such as lifting buttocks, marking the abdomen and improving the triceps, shoulders, quadriceps and later ”.

“It is an option not only for aesthetics but also for health reasons, for example, to improve the physical condition of the quadriceps before a knee operation,” he explained. It is also recommended in injured people to maintain and regain muscle mass and for those women with abdominal diastasis, a frequent consequence after pregnancy, which improves a lot ”.

Localized adiposity and stretch marks: how to treat that which does not go away with diet or exercise

Treatments to combat localized adiposity have grown significantly in recent years and have become the most popular non-invasive option then Botox and hyaluronic acid fillers. The range of 35 to 50 years of age is one of those that most require this type of treatment.

A study conducted by the Allergan Medical Institute worldwide showed that the popularity of medical aesthetic treatments continues to rise, driven by fewer social taboos, increasing technological advances and millennials (consumers 21-35) and men entering maturity that add to this demand for treatments.

“Today non-invasive treatments are becoming part of wellness and self-care. This study reported that aesthetic treatments are more socially accepted today than they were five years ago“Said the dermatologist Danielle Vancin, for whom” when the task is to eliminate that love affair that does not go away with diet or exercise, cryolipolysis is an excellent option. There is an applicator for each difficult area: double chin, riding pants, abdomen, floats, arms ”.

It is very important to carry out these types of procedures with professional advice and accompany them with healthy habits such as healthy eating and exercise (Shutterstock)

It is a leading non-invasive treatment in the reduction of localized adiposity that has become the gold standard worldwide with more than 8 million treatments performed around the world. -he pointed-. It is an innovative way of shaping the body in which unwanted fat is frozen. It is the ideal treatment for men and women to effectively combat localized adiposity. That love affair that we cannot overcome with diet or exercise and is persistent in everything ”.

This treatment achieves a 30% reduction in localized fat (per session) in the treated area, with only one or two sessions and visible results from the third week, its optimum point of effectiveness can be observed after three months.

The medical specialist in aesthetics Julia de la Torre stressed that “in the case of stretch marks, an effective alternative is very effective to introduce compounds without the need to inject them with a needle.” “The air jet is an excellent alternative to treat the different types of stretch marks; It is a technology that uses kinetic energy, without heat, without needles to introduce healing agents into the deep layers of the skin he detailed. It is a safe and non-invasive therapy, with long-term results and for all types of stretch marks, even the pearly or white ones that are the most rebellious ”. Sessions range from one to three every 45 days.

Finally, the plastic surgeon Fernando Sconfienza pointed to a treatment that combines four technologies in one when the objective is to combat cellulite, shape and firm the skin.

“This type of treatment is ideal to treat different problems since by combining four technologies, such as infrared light, radio frequency and mechanical manipulation of the tissue, it works to reduce cellulite, fight against flaccidity and localized fat deposits while reduces centimeters, “said the specialist, who concluded: “It is very important to carry out the sessions of all these types of procedures with the protocol indicated by the doctor. Do not interrupt them and accompany this type of treatment with healthy habits such as healthy eating and exercise, at least three times a week, as this accompanies and will enhance the results ”.



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