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Warriors 2021: what is known about the second season of the Televisa reality show

Changes are expected in Guerreros 2021, which would be broadcast in May by (Photo: Instagram / guerreros2020mx)

Reality Warriors 2020 He left great expectations thanks to his first season, in which the members of the Cobras team were victorious. From its first episodes the program attracted attention for being a reality show in which two teams compete to see who is better both physically and mentally.

From the unfortunate and unexpected death of producer Magda Rodríguez Last November, there was a lot of speculation about who would carry out the second season of Warriors, if one would be recorded.

Today media journalist Alex Kaffie announced in his column Without Plain what This March 22, the auditions for the program were held Warriors 2021, so the aspiring participants underwent a casting. Among the participants was a Poncho de Nigris family member.

Magda Rodríguez produced some famous programs, among which are Falling in love, Laura uncensored Y Today. It was thought that her sister, Andrea, would be the one who would remain in charge of the production of all her projects, as she was Today, but it was also speculated that it would be the producer Pablo Calasso, since he was also in charge for a time of Today.

It was at the beginning of this year that it was finally reported that the reality show was in the hands of Rosa María Noguerón, who is in charge of important projects such as 100 Mexicans said.

The death of Magda Rodríguez, producer of "Guerreros 2020" brought great changes to reality (Photo: Instagram @ guerreros2020mx)
The death of Magda Rodríguez, producer of “Guerreros 2020” brought great changes to reality (Photo: Instagram @ guerreros2020mx)

Due to this change, the reality show is rumored that it will no longer carry the name of Warriors, but could happen to be Underworld, although this is not yet confirmed. About the date when the broadcast of this second season will begin, it is known that it will be in may and its rating is expected to be higher than last year, because again will have as main opponent the program of the same genre, Survivor from TV Azteca.

About the team captains it was recently revealed that Macky González, the former leader of the Cobras team, did not reach an agreement with Televisa to continue filming the reality show., so it is believed that Antoinette Gaxiola will be the one to sign in its place. As team captain Lions, People say that Memo Corral will also be replaced by a former Exatlón participant, Heber Gallegos.

Since the auditions were held today to be a member of the opposing teams, it is unknown who else we will be able to see from May in Warriors 2021, what did become known is that the nephew of Poncho de Nigris, a former member of the reality show, participated in the casting. Aldo de Nigris Jr is a 21-year-old soccer player, member of Club Monterrey.

He is also a member of Warriors 2020, Guty Carrera, was today in charge of analyzing the performance of the applicants during the audition, as shared through the reality’s social networks, where we can see dozens of men and women going through a series of physical challenges as quickly as possible.

On April 7, the broadcast of the program 'Survivor' will begin, direct competition of 'Guerreros 2021' (Capture: TvAzteca)
On April 7, the broadcast of the program ‘Survivor’ will begin, direct competition of ‘Guerreros 2021’ (Capture: TvAzteca)

In the previous installment, we had the opportunity to see the physical performance of some celebrities and athletes, such as the Olympic swimmer Aurelie Garzonio, the Argentine actor and model Agustin Fernandez, the Wapayaso Brandon Castaneda, the actress and host Brenda zambrano, the athlete Diego Montu, among others.

Survivor, the survival show that became the main competition of Warriors and that will be direct competition again, cIt will begin the broadcast of its second season on April 7. So far 23 names of the participants have been revealed, including actors, influencers and athletes.


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