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“They tried to get in”: they vandalized the tomb of Valentín Elizalde again in Guasave, Sinaloa

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Broken glass, shattered photographs and shattered flowers, so they found the grave of the Mexican singer, Valentín Elizalde, in Guasave, Sinaloa.

“El Flaco” Elizalde, brother of the interpreter of Go away, denounced on his social networks how he found the chapel where the remains of the famous assassinated in Reynosa in November 2006 rest.

The singer also toured the crypt that has been vandalized on more than one occasion and that this time left several broken glass.

“How did they want to get in?” “El Flaco” Elizalde alerted when he reached the tomb of the municipal pantheon of Gusave, a small town in Sinaloa.

His companion quickly noticed what the intruders did in the tomb and how they sought to alter it. “They broke the windows with this, with this cross”, stood out by showing a large metal frame.

“They broke everything, also the windows here and knocked down all the photos of the Vale”, added the man who walked around the chapel to demonstrate the encroachment and decay they found yesterday morning.

The video of a few seconds was published on the Instagram account of “Flaco” Elizalde and he took the opportunity to share his disagreement with this situation.

“Again. I don’t know what they gain by damaging my father and brother’s chapel, Okay in Guasave. There you see education and respect for the deceased”, He reported on the social network, where the clip has been viewed almost 17,861 times.

Velentín Elizalde’s brother did not explain if those responsible for this vandalism will be sought, since this situation has been found on other occasions.

On more than one occasion, damage has been found in the same place. The police were alerted in 2019 about various damages caused by a man who claimed to be a locksmith.

The subject indicated that he was hired by “Tano” Elizalde, Valentín’s cousin, who was seeking to secure the place where the famous interpreter’s remains rest.

On more than one occasion it has been detected that the same fans continue to vandalize the tomb of the “Golden Rooster”, as Valentin Elizalde is also known.

The followers go to the municipal pantheon of Guasave, Sinaloa, to appropriate personal belongings of the singer, photos and religious objects placed by the famous family.

This occurs even though in the place there are surveillance cameras, which were installed shortly after the death of the interpreter in 2006.

These devices were placed a few months after the death, as some fans tried to enter the mausoleum without success.

Valentín Elizalde (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

In recent years, controversy has prevailed in the family of Valentín Elizalde and that is that his cousin “Tano” has been linked to his murder.

“El Gallo de Oro” came out at dawn on Saturday, November 25, 2006 from the Palenque of the Expo-Feria in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, aboard a black Suburban truck and accompanied by his representative, Mario Mendoza Grajeda, his cousin, Fausto “Tano” Elizalde and the driver, Reynaldo Ballesteros.

The vehicle had traveled about a hundred meters when two cars caught up with him and blocked his way. Three men with high-caliber weapons descended and they opened fire on the singer’s truck.

The Suburban’s windshield and window were smashed. More than 60 shells were counted at the crime scene, at least 20 bullet holes in each side of the truck.

Valentín Elizalde died instantly inside the vehicle, as he was hit on the torso, head, legs and arm. Also his manager and the driver died.

The only survivor of the tragedy was Fausto “Tano” Elizalde, the man who is today singled out by his ex-wife and his family for betraying his cousin.


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