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The viral videos of the fake Tom Cruise on TikTok with deepfake technology: what is the danger?

Tom Cruise’s deepfake that is all the rage on TikTok (TikTok: @deeptomcruise)

In the accumulation of viral videos that come out of the Chinese social network TikTokThese days there is a prominent account that captures the attention of millions of users in the world. Is about deeptomcruise, dedicated to uploading fake videos, in different parody situations starring a fake Tom cruise, through the technology of deepfake.

Deepfake is born from the union of two concepts: the deep learning, as deep learning of artificial intelligence systems is known, and the word fake, that is, false. There are different free tools on the internet that allow you to use this technique, such as, FaceSwap, a free software, open source.

In the case of the videos of Cruise, which are all the rage in TikTok, it is not known which tool the account creator uses. Deeptomcruise has parody videos where someone pretends to be the actor, with a laugh very similar to that of Cruise and with a very similar voice too (although it is possible to detect that it is not the actor’s).

At the moment, the account has only 3 videos uploaded, with more than 343 thousand followers, and more than 1 million “likes”. On the Twitter account under the same name, its user clarifies in the bio that it is a parody account to show everything that can be done with technology.

In theory, spoofing accounts in TikTok They are not allowed according to their terms and conditions, but the account is still active for the moment. In section 7 called “Your use of the services” of the terms of use of the social network, certain actions that the user cannot do are established. Among them, the following:

“Impersonate any person or entity, or falsely state or give a false image of you or your association with any person or entity, including giving the impression that any content that you upload, publish, transmit, distribute or make public of any other form emanates from the Services ”.

Cruise has a verified account on TikTok, with more than 14 thousand followers, but no video uploaded yet, and therefore, 0 “likes”.

What is the danger?

The implications of deepfake are many and can result, when it is not parody videos (which can even cause confusion by going viral) really dangerous, spreading false content, fake news or impersonating identities, for example in contracts or transactions, among several examples.

“Two years ago, I heard the case of a criminal who, using deepfake, made calls to the treasurer of his company asking him to transfer money to him. The treasurer said ‘we said no’. And the robot responded by saying to do the same. All using false information. 10 years ago, you needed to record the subject you wanted to impersonate in a studio, with good microphones, no ambient sound. Nowadays you can capture, the audio and the video of institutional videos, for example. From that, false images and audios can be created, posing as that individual ”, he points out to Infobae Ernesto Mislej, co-founder and data scientist at 7Puentes, specialized in artificial intelligence.

He adds: “When we want to do a procedure in the AFIP, or RENAPER or even a purchase in Mercado Libre, where they verify your identity, they make you do ‘morisquetas’ in front of the cell phone, the idea is to try to verify that you are a living subject, because deepfake technologies could fake that … With a Tom Cruise photograph you could make him wink, open his mouth or turn around … And you could pay taxes to Tom Cruise, for example “


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