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The truth behind Michelle Rubalcava’s supposed entry to “Hoy”

According to Alex Kaffie, Michelle Rubalcava would join “Hoy” next week (Photo: Instagram @ michrubalcava / Twitter @ TODAY)

Six months have passed since host Michelle Ruvalcaba left the show First hand, a broadcast in which he achieved great popularity and won the sympathy of the public, who were puzzled by the announcement of the journalist’s abrupt departure last September, after almost four years as the main conductor.

“Taking a step forward and with deep gratitude we say goodbye to Michelle Rubalcava, who has been impeccable in her work as a driver, always wishing you the greatest success in your next projects “, read a document released through the Twitter evening program official.

And it is that in the program that he led alongside Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Mónica Noguera he did not even say goodbye to his audience, he simply stopped appearing one day, so his abrupt departure caused curiosity and confusion among viewers.

Gustavo Adolfo and Michelle launched into attacks months after Rubalcava's departure (Photo: Instagram @gainfante @michrubalcava)
Gustavo Adolfo and Michelle launched into attacks months after Rubalcava’s departure (Photo: Instagram @gainfante @michrubalcava)

“I am happy, I have always thought that all the changes are for the better, I think it is the specific moment for the cycle to close here in First hand. Very grateful to this channel, you gave me the opportunity to be at the national level. Thanks for so many moments, to all the production, to all, this is a party, this is not goodbye, it is a see you soon “, was what Michelle commented at the time.

At the time it emerged that Gustavo Adolfo had “asked for the head” of the presenter, the reason why they were made of dimes and tell on social media, dividing opinions between those who miss the driver on the air and those who prefer to follow him on his channel of Youtube.

Now, after a few days ago the rumor began to circulate that today youtuber would join the program Today As part of the crew of conductors, the producer of the broadcast spoke about it.

Michelle Rubalcava spent three and a half years in "De primera mano" (IG: michrubalcava)
Michelle Rubalcava spent three and a half years in “De primera mano” (IG: michrubalcava)

And it is that the journalist Alex Kaffie wrote days ago in his column No flattery what Rubalcava was being considered to join the morning of Televisa. This is how he made it known: “Michelle Rubalcava joins the morning of The stars. Yes, the entertainment journalist starts working on Today next week. Success, colleague! “

Given the information released, the producer Andrea Rodríguez, sister of the late Magda Rodríguez, confirmed to the portal The stars what Michelle will not be part of the program she has been leading since the death of the remembered director, since the emission has a complete picture of conductors.

Previously, at the beginning of March, Andrea Rodríguez had spoken of the rumors about the incorporation of a new driver to the teamThis is because Arath de la Torre is absent a few hours to record the new version of the series Dr. Cándido Pérez.

Arath de la Torre joined the "Hoy" program in January 2021 (Photo: Instagram @andrealegarreta)
Arath de la Torre joined the “Hoy” program in January 2021 (Photo: Instagram @andrealegarreta)

And it is that he ruled out the arrival of a new member to the broadcast since each of the members has a specific and well-defined role:

At the moment we have no driver in mind, Arath is leaving for a few days at 11. The agreement with Ortiz de Pinedo’s production is that Arath is there every day at least until 11 in the morning, so for the moment I think we are complete.

I think we have a very nice team, we have the right and exact profiles. Marisol González is an ideal mother, Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo are very loved by all the public all the time, Andrea Escalona who is the profile of the marriageable woman, Paul Stanley is also the one who never wants to marry, The black Araiza is the sugar daddy. So I think that today’s profiles are very clear, we are all who are and we are all who are, “he told The stars.


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