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The soap opera “What’s wrong with my family?” announces new actor to replace Gonzalo ‘N’

Juan Osorio, introduced the actor Fernando Noriega to play the role of ‘Mariano Rueda’ in the television production

The producer of the soap opera What happens to my family? Juan Osorio, introduced actor Fernando Noriega to play the role of ‘Mariano Rueda’ in the television production; after Gonzalo Peña was suspended by the television station thanks to an accusation of alleged complicity in sexual abuse.

Through a press conference and a meeting with the cast members, Juan confirmed that the actor would join the story: “I thank you for this warm welcome, I am proud to be part of it,” said the actor. According to the information provided by the producer, Noriega will go on paper from the first week of April.

Fernando Noriega is a Mexican actor who formed the Tv Azteca Actoral Training Center and studied, at the same time, some workshops at Casa Azul. He is remembered for his performance in the play “Born on the Margin” and for being the protagonist of the short film “The sand with the wind flies.”

It should be noted that Gonzalo “N”, the actor who will be replaced by Fernando Noriega, He was accused of complicity in rape by the driver Daniela Berriel, and an arrest warrant has been issued against him.

Photo: Instagram / @ fernandonoriega
Photo: Instagram / @ fernandonoriega

On the case of Daniela Berriel, the lawyer of the playwright, Javier Olea, revealed that the arrest warrant was issued against the actor of Spanish origin, who is already wanted by the authorities.

Gonzalo already has an arrest warrant against him For the crime of rape, Gonzalo is already being sought by the authorities of the country and around the world, ”said the defender for the program Let the joy come.

And since the case was aired publicly several days ago, it is possible that the actor who until a few days ago worked on the telenovela What happens to my family? se has fled; the lawyer contemplated the case:

Most likely, since he found out about Eduardo’s arrest, he probably had enough time to escape.”, Said in reference to Eduardo“ N ”, who sexually abused Daniela Berriel while Gonzalo allegedly acted in complicity by not avoiding the crime, being able to do so.

Gonzalo Peña (Photo: Instagram @ gonzalopz13)
Gonzalo Peña (Photo: Instagram @ gonzalopz13)

Following the testimony of Berriel, who denounced that Gonzalo had not acted to prevent her from being sexually abused by the owner of the house where the meeting was held, it was unofficially established that the actor would be tried as an accessory to the crime, however, now the defense of the actress confirmed that he will be tried the same as the one already arrested and linked to the Eduardo “O” process.

The same crime for which Eduardo is detained is a co-perpetrator of the crime of rape. It is the same penalty, the penal code of the state of Guerrero contemplates a penalty of 12 to 24 years (in prison)

The lawyer assured that shortly the arrest of Gonzalo “N” will be requested at the international level through the International Criminal Police Organization, known as Interpol.

The Televisa statement
The Televisa statement

And it is that since the actress spread on social networks the abuse to which she was subjected by Eduardo “O” and Ricardo “N”, the Spanish actor has not commented on this matter, however, the company Televisa He temporarily ceased him from the soap opera in which he participates when the crime in which he is involved became known.

Already on March 7, the Guerrero State Prosecutor’s Office announced through its account Twitter what an arrest warrant had been executed against Eduardo “O”, the man who was denounced by the actress and driver, who through a video pointed him out as responsible for sexually abusing her in March 2020 when he attended a meeting at his home in Acapulco.


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