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The robot dog Spot becomes a policeman and already patrols the streets of New York


Spot, the famous quadruped robot from Boston Dynamic, now also helps patrol the streets of New York. This model made the news several times for the innovative uses that it has been given. Last year, for example, in the context of the pandemic, it was used to assist remote medical controls in hospitals in the US and to help users maintain the recommended social distance in parks in Singapore.

In this case, from the New York Post newspaper, they shared images of the robot dog moving through the streets of the Bronx, as part of a house search that was carried out in that area due to an investigation that is being carried out. The quadruped, in shades of blue and black, moves rapidly down the street accompanying the policemen.

The robot, which is currently in the testing phase, is equipped with lights and cameras that transmit in real time. It also has a siren and a speaker from which alert messages can be issued if necessary. The model weighs about 31 kilos and can travel up to 5 km / h.

“This dog will save lives, protect people and protect agents, and that is our goal,” said Frank Digiacomo, inspector of the NYPD Technical Assistance Response Unit, according to the portal.

Also to explore Mars?

In the framework of the annual conference of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) that took place in mid-December 2020, researchers from NASA / JPL-Caltech, unveiled a novel to explore and learn more about the hidden corners of Mars which involves the use of autonomous quadrupeds based on Spot.

One of the reasons why it was thought to use this type of device is that due to its structure they have a greater capacity to move easily in difficult terrain, they have greater recovery and maneuvering capacity than the Rovers currently used by NASA.

Those vehicles are mostly confined to flat surfaces, but many scientifically interesting regions on Mars are only accessible after traversing very rough and sloping terrain. Walking robot dogs are suitable for this type of surface, in addition, if they fall, they can be lifted easily.

And also they dance

At the end of December a video was released showing models Spot, Atlas and Handle moving to the rhythm of the song “Do you love me?” It was a clip that quickly became viral due to the flexibility and coordination in the movements exhibited by these three Boston Dynamics robots.


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