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The return of the parades: how was the first of the designer María Gorof in the Rosedal of Palermo

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The fashion industry throughout 2020 was one of the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Social events were canceled, seasonal shows were streamed, model castings were made via video call, and designers were forced to reinvent themselves and create new collections in order to move forward.

But like all sectors, textiles are slowly returning and adapting to the new normal. In New York, the shows started in September, during fashion week, with strict protocols, exclusive guests -if it was inside-, temperature taking and models on the catwalk.

This is how the international gaze came to our country. The Argentine designer, María Gorof, decided to present her collection called ALIVE in this new normal: outdoors, in el Rose garden of Palermo. With the public present and models wearing their exclusive signature designs.

“I made the decision when they gave the permits to do face-to-face events, with protocols, and taking all necessary measures. So it was that I made the decision to do the parade outdoors and in the Rosedal ”, the designer told Infobae.

The mini dresses were the main protagonists of the Maria Gorof parade called "Alive"

On choosing to do it there, the creative said: “El Rosedal was the perfect place and I felt that it reflected everything I was experiencing. It is an oasis within the City of Buenos Aires, It is a rebirth, where we came from and it seemed to me that it has magic. I think those of us who live in Buenos Aires could to go for a little while to connect with nature and it was perfect in contrast to the collection that I was going to show. “

Silk sets with shoulder pads, the hit design of the 2020-2021 summer season

With more than a decade of work in the world of fashion, Gorof stands out for its imprint of contemporary luxury, sophisticated and sensual, who has ventured both nationally and internationally. This new collection is made up of 26 pieces of pure luxury made with a totally handmade work with glitter, metals and crystals in all the dresses and sets on crepe and Italian silk fabrics.

The protagonists of this new collection are the short dresses, which are eye-catching and form-fitting with a U-neckline. It is also noted that all its embroidery are from Swarovski glassware. “The silks I used seemed perfect for the Rosedal because of its fluidity and the dance that the fabric has. That was the perfect mix. “

A two-piece set in off white, one of those chosen by María for this new season

The cuts that characterize Gorof are unique. They are always feminine lines, with a geometric accent, asymmetrical cut and full tones contrasting are the protagonists of this new season with noble and sumptuous materials.

The color palette presented by María Gorof on this occasion were: off white, black, lead, metals, and the color of the season and the designer’s favorite, the “pink peacock”.

A mini dress in black, one of the stars of the Gorof catwalk

“This Alive It is like a rebirth after all we have experienced this year. For me, crises are opportunities, and I turned all my feminine strength into transforming it into a creative process that brings beauty, that shows us hope, and personally, I sought to perfect myself to be reborn and flourish, like rose gardens”Gorof described.

The first parade with an audience was attended by prominent personalities and clients such as Carla Peterson, Mery del Cerro, Soledad Fandiño, Sabrina Garciarena, Angie Landaburu, Titi Cleris, Jujuy Giménez and Paula Kohan, among others.


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