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The case of the intimate video of Gabriel Soto escalates: the actor has already denounced Interpol

The actor explained that Interpol and the cyber police are already working on the case (Photo: gabrielsoto / Instagram)

After the scandal of last December on social networks, after the leak and dissemination of a sex video of Gabriel Soto, the actor confirmed that He has already filed a complaint and that both Interpol and the cyber police are working on the case.

This decision was revealed in an interview with legislator Alessandra Rojo de la Vega where the protagonist of A haven of love explained that research in both institutions is in progress and that “the prosecutor has been doing a very important job.”

Previously Gabriel Soto had spoken a little about the progress of the case on the program Members on Air, although he remembered that he could not give many details.

And now he explained that after this complaint “the people who were dedicated to spreading my video they will have their punishment”; However, the complaint also has another purpose and is to help others to speak out.

According to Soto: “For me it is very important to give this example to society.”

During his speech he also recalled that sharing intimate content without prior consent is a crime and he hopes to be able to let people know that something like this could happen to them, including children, adolescents that it already has consequences, serious consequences such as spreading it.

Also with these recent statements counseled other victims of digital violence so that they know “that they have somewhere to go, that they know that they have a law called Olympia Law”. So in addition to applauding her, she spoke of the importance of legislating new laws to “stop this digital violence.”

On the latter, he added, “there has to be a limit where people cannot be judging and threatening.” Well, being a public figure he has faced all kinds of comments: “many people say ‘you have to put up with it because you are a public figure’, I do believe that there is a line in which we we deserve both privacy and respect“, He said.

On the other hand, he spoke of how he has led his private life both in the family with his two daughters and his fiancee, Irina Baeva, as well as with friends and at work, something that he has recalled in different spaces: “I felt intimately violated to my privacy, I felt very bad, “he explained.

Irina Baeva will live in the United States and Gabriel Soto will remain in Mexico (IG: irinabaeva)
Irina Baeva will live in the United States and Gabriel Soto will remain in Mexico (IG: irinabaeva)

And the fact is that the filtering of his video left him with a “very great feeling of shame”; however he recalled that “we all have the right to do what we want with our body; We all have the right to exploration, not exploration, whatever you want. But no one has the right to expose it publicly in that way without your consent ”.

The account responsible for filtering the video was @popperita on Twitter, where the content quickly went viral, while some users recalled that it is a crime punishable by the Olympia Law.

A few days after spreading the sex video the actor positioned himself on social networks and in a series of Instastories he said “What do I say, one more line to the tiger. I don’t want to talk much about it, just tell you that I feel very vulnerable because of the way my privacy was violated ”.

While on his Twitter account he wrote “Well, what can I say ….. Enjoy! What a violation of my privacy!”

(Photo: Twitter @gabrielsotoMEX)
(Photo: Twitter @gabrielsotoMEX)

In previous statements, such as those of the program Members on Air Gabriel Soto said that the viralized images were recorded a long time ago and that it had even been forgotten.

She also stated that she had to talk to her oldest daughter about the scandal, although she was surprised by the maturity with which she reacted: “My oldest daughter, I spoke with her and she took it incredible. The truth is that he told me: ‘Let’s see dad, do all children do it? Don’t worry about me, rather I’m worried about you, how are you?


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