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Tailored jackets and kimonos: the best proposals from Argentine designers

Although 2020 was one of the worst years for the fashion industry, designers knew how to overcome the coronavirus pandemic by creating new collections beyond the garments and the lines that each one dedicated to.

The past seasons were presented in society in a way different from the traditional one: virtual parades. The designers were forced to innovate through fashion films, where each one told the concept of their new collection through a story.

This summer, creatives also did not stop betting on fashion and continue to create national fashion so that the industry continues to grow. For example, the designer Maureene Dinar intervened by hand-painting jackets, the architect and designer Paola Rossi made custom-made kimonos and Javier Saiach once again surprised with a cruise collection with hand-embroidered dresses with his traditional richelieu.

“Back to life” was the summer collection where Maureene fused all her lines, haute couture, prêt couture and urban. There Dinar started again with hope and creativity looking for light in the garments and created a comfortable, fresh and cared for dynamic collection. It was a glamorous, practical, young, simple summer collection, but without losing the spirit of the art of each garment.

For this 2021, the designer bet on more and surprises with her capsule collection called “Moooooo !!!”, with the aim of generating joy and well-being in each of her creations.


Inspired by the pop art of the classic comics, the creative traveled to the nineties to capture in her designs some trends that were avant-garde and that today are re-signified in this interesting proposal.

In it, the original embroideries stand out in unique designs with paintings of pictures captured in jackets, shorts and jeans in blue, light blue, white and black, the base colors on which he prints his unconventional art.


Maureene recreates in her garments the aesthetics of classic comics, iconic rock stars, fusion with the East and the world of flowers in a proposal that shines for its design and is not lacking in humor.

“These garments are designed for a free and ageless woman. They are garments that are worn at all times and provide a spark of originality that makes us feel unique, free and authentic ”, highlights the designer. “The rhythm and magic surprise us and inspire us again.”


Javier Saiach presented the collection El Paraíso Perdido in El Paraíso Perdido in El Paraíso, in Tigre. This season his creative sensibility was turned into looks that were a tribute to nature, to the celebration of living life.

Saiach, as always, distinguished itself with a romantic, sustainable collection with great visual impact. “After such a strict pandemic that we all live, being locked up, without having contact with nature led me to decide to honor the outside world that we had lost, due to that disconnection that we inevitably suffer and that we want to recover,” says Javier.

“The collection is inspired by the clothes worn at this time of year, with distinctive features of that chilly night and the tan of the skin typical of summer. Also my fidelity to the white color that I always dedicate and present in Punta del Este, which for obvious reasons I will not do this year ”, he details about his Saiach cruise collection.


“El Paraíso Perdido” is a very feminine collection with puffed sleeves, the latest trend in European collections where Saiach played with volumes and genres such as guipure, broderie, tulle, silk organza with hand embroidery both in richelieu and in volume forming leaves, flowers and Bulgarians.

25 pieces were seen including pants, large skirts, dresses to the body and with volume in the style of Javier Saiach, showing the body, but also revealed, with openwork textures that always have some sensuality.

Finally, the designer from Corrientes announced that for this 2021 he has two projects that he has already launched in Paraguay, which are the Saiach Home and the Saiach Intimates, the underwear line, which will arrive in the country in April.

Paola Rossi, the Argentine architect and designer, creator of the firm Rossi Tuxedo, adds to her collection of tuxedos a new line of kimonos in two black and white colors, made by local tailors entirely by hand. The particularity of these kimonos is that they are made to measure and in stretch crepe fabric, that is, they conform to all bodies.


“I designed these garments thinking of strong and active women, who like to look good every day in the current situation where we are at home with our children, perhaps doing physical activity, having to go out and presenting ourselves in meetings on platforms virtual services to continue attending to our work tasks ”, the designer explained about her collection of kimonos.

With this garment you can be comfortable at home, and go out without having to change. Likewise, it is characterized by being versatile and that is why it is long enough to also be used as a dress.


The kimono has the practicality of not hiding any structure, something that is the most important of the collection, since in the other suits the shoulder pads, the buttons and the clips are the protagonists.

To accompany him, Paola proposes her pants that have straight and oxford versions, depending on the client’s taste and the colors are only the basic black and white.



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