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“Smoke screen to justify the rapist Salgado Macedonio”: Laura Zapata exploded for criticism of Brozo

Call those who are against Víctor Trujillo chayoteros Photo: Tlnovelas – screenshot.

The singer, actress and producer Laura Zapata once again exploded against the media on Tuesday, although on this occasion he described as “Chayoteros” after the news was released that the apologies of Víctor Trujillo, better known as ‘Brozo’, were not well received on social networks. At the moment, the producer has been immersed in a series of accusations for misogyny during his 33 years of experience.

Zapata, who is also staunch criticism of the government of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, gave Brozo a boost, because according to his considerations, the only thing he did was criticize the candidacy for governor of the state of Guerrero of the morenista Félix Salgado Macedonio, who currently has various accusations for sexual assault. After the unveiling of the licensed senator, Trujillo Through his character as the “tenebrous clown”, he called on the party and the head of the Executive to annul Macedonio’s aspirations.

The producer failed that the Mexican weekly, Proceso, had as one of the main notes that the rejection of Brozo was evident on social networks; “They are half chayoteros,” I tweet. Prior to this publication, Zapata shared a criticism he made to Andrés Manuel López Obrador, He accused him of being a president who has misappropriated funds. This type of criticism is constant in his social network, mainly of the party that is in power.

On the other hand, although Trujillo publicly apologized on March 19, explaining that it was never his intention to offend anyone, especially women for their portrayal of Brozo, these statements earned him disqualifications. In the message he shared through LatinUs, he explained that his character is more attacked than a candidate (Félix Salgado) who in real life has criminal complaints for the crime of rape.

Laura Zapata exploded against the media for criticizing Brozo (Courtesy: @LAURAZAPATAM)
Laura Zapata exploded against the media for criticizing Brozo (Courtesy: @LAURAZAPATAM)

“I have tried to entertain all of you for 40 years. Today, on the firing squad, is the clown Brozo, created by me in 1988 as a clown, by birth, misogynist, drunk, drug addict, resentful and with all venereal diseasesbut I sincerely think the point is not the character setup, but what the clown says.

“Those who have known the clown for many years are very clear about all his twists and turns. So much so that we have been living together, among ourselves, the last 33 years, otherwise our relationship would not be explainable. Everything is recorded, everything can be seen and read because unlike others, I do not have to reserve information for the next five years.

“Right now, that the party in power and the president insult society by promoting a man accused of rape to the governorship of Guerrero, a sudden campaign arises where one of my characters turns out to be worse than his candidate“Said Trujillo in the video.

Days before this publication, on March 14, Víctor Trujillo had shared on his Twitter account that in contrast to the senator, he does not have any accusations of rape, harassment or misogyny. “I declare: I am not a rapist, stalker, or misogynist. Those who know me personally and professionally, know it. I play characters, I am an actor. I repudiate the inquisitorial campaign that aims to dilute the nomination of an alleged rapist to the Guerrero government. Thank you always ”he tweeted.

These scenes were common in "El Mañanero"
These scenes were common in “El Mañanero”

However, his speech has not been fully received on social networks, although the artistic community like Zapata and Eugenio Derbez have come to his defense, including models I work with like Isabel Madow, or Íngrid Brans; “La Reata”, There are those who do not forgive it and they reply:“ make no mistake, we do not believe it ”.


“It’s not misogyny, but censorship”: Víctor Trujillo’s controversial apology for Brozo’s sexist acts
It was not only “La Reata”, who is the other woman for whom Brozo was accused of being sexist



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