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Scarlet Gruber broke the silence and responded to those who accuse her of being the third in contention between Michelle Renaud and Danilo Carrera

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Since December, versions of an alleged break between Michelle Renaud and Danilo Carrera they have grown stronger and stronger.

According to some media of the show then, the separation would have occurred after the actor’s infidelity with Scarlet Gruber, co-star of the couple in the youth series “Quererlo todo”.

For the first time since the controversy broke out, the artist named third in contention broke the silence and defended himself from defamations.

In an interview with the program Today, Gruber confirmed that Danilo Carrera and Michelle Renaud are still together, and assured that he has a very good relationship with both.

“No, Danilo has a partner, Michelle Renaud, and the truth is that the three of us get along very well, We are very professional, so that is not going to happen, the stars are not going to line up for that, “said the Venezuelan actress.

In the Mexican soap opera, Scarlet Gruber plays Sandy Cabrera, the girlfriend of Mateo Santos, a character played by Danilo.

Although he acknowledged that the two give off chemistry in the romantic scenes they play together, he defended that this is part of his acting work.

“If you see any chemistry or something, it’s because we are doing our job very well. We have no barriers and we feel free to recreate our current characters, call it in scenes of kisses and affectionate postures. It is always appreciated that Danilo is very generous”, He expressed.

About his love life, he did not want to make any statement, since he prefers to protect his privacy.

“I am very calm. I don’t like to talk about my love life I have always kept that very intimate, very much for me, but right now I am very calm. Very focused on ‘Wanting it all,’ ”she concluded.

The couple would have spent two weeks without speaking on the forum, so there was talk of a possible breakup (Photo: Danilo Carrera)

In early December, the magazine TV Notes assured that Michelle Renaud and Danilo Carrera had not spoken for two weeks, and each one came to the forums.

“It is clear to us that they have been separated for two weeks; They got mad about something and we don’t know why But the two of them are unbearable, and from being very caramelized at all times, now they are estranged, they do not speak to each other. You don’t know how annoying and uncomfortable that is for the cast and production”Declared a person close to the Televisa production.

“Now each one arrives on their own, they do not speak to each other, they do not turn to see each other at all. For two weeks in the forums there has been a tremendous tension, because you can see that things are not well between them, “he added.

In addition, the same source described Carrera as “A heavy, arrogant, arrogant guy”, who always seeks to control the activities of his partner.

“When they were together we realized that Danilo had a short cut for Michelle. Poor woman, she is so beautiful and good people, but in love with a jerk, “he added.

With this photograph, the Mexican actress denied a separation (Photo: Instagram @michellerenaud)

Shortly after publication, some media outlets pointed to Scarlet Gruber as the third in contention. But Michelle Renaud settled the matter by dedicating an emotional message to her partner on her social networks.

“And one day I realized that I don’t have to do everything alone, that I don’t have to be strong all the time, that if I can let myself be pampered and take care of, that There are those who like my most original version of myself with all that it entails, that laughter heals everything and that true love comes after a great complicity, friendship and empathy. And that having you as a team in this life is the best decision I could make, “he wrote.

The Ecuadorian artist responded with the same intensity.

“I love you cheesy and I love waking you up with Marcelo to kisses in the morning! The best of my day ”, he expressed.

Since then, rumors of an alleged breakup have gained traction, but none have commented further on it.


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