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Rivalries in the kitchen of MasterChef México, Osvaldo and Itzel starred in controversy

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Every time the pressure and demand increases in the kitchen of MasterChef Mexico, little by little the number of participants will be reduced. The final chapters are getting closer and closer, consequently the rivalries between the contestants increase more and more. This time the rivalries arose between Osvaldo and Itzel since some basket tacos were the origin of the controversy that continued throughout the program.

For the team challenge the participants had to prepare basket tacos that would be given to cleaning staff at Alameda Central. A typical dish and traditional from the streets of the Mexico City that preserves a tradition in flavor and textures.

Osvaldo originally from Veracruz did not know the preparation of the dish, he had to let himself be guided by his teammates who knew the flavor, Lizzi, Adrián and José Luis became the engine that brought out the red team. For his part Itzel, the “Soldier” Esquivel and Salime had to bend their efforts since being a team with three members they were at a disadvantage.

(Twitter screenshot)

Salime surprised reality show viewers by saying she had never tried tacos basket. Although the participant is originally from Campeche, she justifies the reason why she has not tried this particular dish, the Twitter users did not forgive his comment since in each chapter he says that he does not know what to cook, he does not know how to prepare it, among other phrases that make him doubt his participation in the program.

For him management of technique, the ability to sell your product and respect for the classic flavor of tacos and salsa, the red team went up to the balcony. his celebration caused discomfort to the rest of the chefs, especially Itzel’s because she thought that her team would win because of the good reviews from the chefs, however, she did not get any votes from the invited guests.

Automatically the rest of the participants had to cook for a salvation challenge, the surprise factor was that they had to cook with limited tools and the goal was not the dish, but cleaning of the station. Some participants made fun of Erubiel because he has a bad reputation for being one of the dirtiest and most unhygienic contestants on the show.

(Twitter screenshot)

Before the start of the challenge, Itzel commented that he did not feel bad about being down. “Those of us who are down here are stronger and those who are above are the weak”, Itzel Paniagua stated. The chefs who had won did not like the comment, they were offended by the ego and pride that Itzel showed. “There are people who should not be on the balcony”, Itzel pointed out.

When it came time to rate the presentation of dishes and cleaning of the program participants, the two cooks who had the best performance in the challenge were Itzel and Adriana. He chef Herrera surprised the participants by give the power to the balcony winners to choose who would be saved from the challenge of elimination. They all agreed that Adriana had to go up, the judges agreed and allowed him to join their group of friends.

The decision struck again the pride of Itzel And she said behind the scenes that that motivated her to get her best version and beat her rivals who wanted her out. The Osvaldo’s attitude of superiority after winning with some tacos that he did not cook and that he only coordinated the operation annoyed users on Twitter since throughout the program he wanted to show that he knew about cooking by criticizing the rest of his colleagues.

For a poorly served vegetarian ice cream she was eliminated for the night.  (Photo: Twitter @MasterChefMx)

At elimination challenge, each cook had to prepare a vegetarian dish, the rule put most of the participants in trouble, for example, Salime couldn’t tell if a dairy was valid for the challenge. The best that performed the challenge was Itzel, so I went up to the balcony. Obviously it was not received between hugs and joy, the tension between the contestants could be observed.

The two worst dishes were Erubiel and Salime, the bad handling of the technique, the imprecision in the flavor and a bad organization were the causes for which one of the two would leave the program. The eliminated of the night was Salime since his ice cream attempt was left to that, in a disastrous attempt that froze the entire mixture and had no flavor.


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