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Poncho de Nigris never took advantage of La Tigresa because he did not steal a peso

After Poncho by Nigris was pointed out by Luis Felipe García, the nephew of Irma Serrano The tigress for allegedly having stripped her of material goods almost 20 years ago, when both had a close relationship that much was speculated that it was a romance Between the legendary Mexican actress and the then new value of the media, now the Monterrey native responded to the accusation.

The artist’s relative assured in recent days for the program Today that Poncho De Nigris, Gerardo de la Borbolla and Patricio Zambrano abused the Tigresa’s trust and wasted their money.

Given these statements, De Nigris was blunt and even challenged the nephew of the interpreter of The Martina for him to “put a microphone” on the actress and I asked her about him, as he feels confident that if this happened, she would only express good comments about him.

A few days ago the driver was identified as responsible for having infected a carpenter who worked in his house with coronavirus (Photo: Instagram @ponchodenigris)

In addition, the driver from Nuevo León assured that Serrano could be captive in his house in Chiapas, her nephew being the one who keeps her in that state “for convenience”, as he hinted that she would respond to economic interests.

“She was taken over by a woman who was alone, and took advantage of her to keep her properties, I imagine, I don’t know if she still has money, but yes, I did not touch a single peso,” De Nigris said for the Program Today.

He influencer 44-year-old also assured that he was only a short period of time with the artist: “I would like that person (her nephew) to give the microphone to the lady and ask her about Poncho de Nigris, and if he touched a weight of something of it. I’m sure she’s going to say: ‘Ponchito, nothing to see, I saw him a month in my life,’ because we saw each other for a month that we were making Pato (Zambrano) jealous and then he returned with Pato, ”he said.

The driver assures that he approached Irma Serrano to "make Patricio Zambrano jealous" (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

The model stressed that he never took a weight off the famous Mexican and explained that he buys his things and does not need to depend on a woman like The tigress: “But I didn’t touch him a penny. You can ask her, she is sure to say: ‘I never gave her anything, never anything to see’. I buy only what I have, I do not use. Yes, I am very surprised that they put me in it“, said.

A few days ago De Nigris was in the middle of the controversy because after overcoming his COVID-19 infection, the driver was accused of infecting one of his employees, who unfortunately died in December. The famous Monterrey He has returned the target of several criticisms since the carpenter who worked in his house had a fatal fate after catching the coronavirus.

De Nigris was designated as a “murderer” on social networks because, according to his detractors, he was responsible for infecting Arturo Medrano, the carpenter who worked for several weeks at his home. After the death, the singer also responded to the controversy and assured that everything is about attacks against him and has even been on the lookout for the family affected by the death of his worker.

De Nigris was also in the middle of the controversy for teaching his 7-year-old son to shoot a firearm (Photo: Instagram @ponchodenigris)

“We found out that he passed away yesterday and I was in communication with the family. We were infected around the same time, he had symptoms before me. We were talking, I was 29 years old and I’m very sorry … what I don’t understand is that Now they say that we infect it because he came to work at home, to the department ”, highlighted De Nigris in a video presented by Gossip Live.

“I’m out of the loop because they start to mention me after I got out of COVID and it hit me really hard … We are talking about defamation in a direct way by saying that we are murderers because we infect it. We are in a pandemic, we do not know who infects whom ”, he added in an interview with Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani. He also stressed that if the virus was acquired together, it was from working and not from enjoying a party.



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