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“Nobody deserves an ordinary love”: Danna Paola reflected on her past relationships

Danna Paola spoke about her love experiences prior to recording the KO album (IG: dannapaola)

Actress and singer Danna Paola traveled to the city of Madrid, in Spain, to participate in a broadcast of the program The anthill.

From his Instagram account, the Mexican star has shared different photographs in the Spanish capital, where he took the opportunity to meet with part of the cast of the series of Netflix, Elite.

In addition, he celebrated having reached 30 million followers on Instagram. with what became the Mexican with the highest amount of followers on the social network.

After this milestone, the actress became a trend in social networks, where his followers celebrated the addition of so many people to the singer’s Instagram account through loving messages.

Danna Paola in Madrid, Spain.  Photo: Instagram / @dannapaola
Danna Paola in Madrid, Spain. Photo: Instagram / @dannapaola

“30 million is the Queen”, ”Danna Paola has already reached 90 million on Instagram, goddess” and “Danna Paola has reached 30 million, the most followed Mexican on Instagram, Congratulations, precious! Very deserved and for many more ”, are some of the tweets that users wrote this morning.

Danna Paola met with Claudia Salas, Omar Ayuso and Mina El Hammani, who gave life to ‘Rebeka’, ‘Omar’, and ‘Nadia’ in the Spanish series.

The presence of the actress in the Spanish capital is due to the fact that she was in the Pablo Motos program, The Hormiguero, to talk about his new album, KO where he told about the inspiration for the album and his love relationships.

“I believe that we all deserve to allow ourselves to be bad. Not running away from these feelings, not wanting to cover it up with just one finger and pretend that everything is going to be okay. Break it well, live the duel ”, said Danna Paola about her past relationships.

Danna Paola in Madrid, Spain.  (Photo: Instagram / @dannapaola)
Danna Paola in Madrid, Spain. (Photo: Instagram / @dannapaola)

“Nobody deserves an ordinary love. None of us deserve to be there for someone, as long as he wants. You have the best lessons from these situations, from the worst moments of your life. You are reborn like the phoenix ”, he said.

“If you get one that doesn’t suit you, but you screwed up and another similar one arrives, will you screw it up again?” Pablo Motos asked him during the program, to which Danna replied that she would never go through a similar situation again.

Also, he talked about his departure from the series EliteHe mentioned that it was something that lasted. “Just when you started talking about season four, we already knew how the story was going to end. I then played to be Hannah Montana, because I divided my life in three. She was an actress and a singer at the same time, ”she explained.

Danna Paola spoke about her departure from the elite (Photo: Instagram)
Danna Paola spoke about her departure from the elite (Photo: Instagram)

“I like to work and give my one hundred percent in my work because I am a very perfectionist. And I couldn’t divide myself in two. I was leaving the filming of EliteAnd then I would go to the studio and come home and have to do interviews. “

The singer will stay in Madrid for a while longer, as she will offer a concert via streaming live from the European country next Wednesday, March 24.

The Mexican singer is at a very important moment in her career. At the beginning of March, the streaming Disney’s released the movie Raya and the last dragon; where Danna voiced the main character and performed the theme Until Overcome.

“I am very excited, I can finally make this announcement that I am so excited about[…] I am going to lend my voice to Raya, an independent and strong warrior. The process was very interesting, I had fun and I was very excited and I think that Raya has become one of my favorite characters ”, he told the agency EFE, when he announced his presence in the project.


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