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Niurka and Marko Peña no longer hide their love: “It’s a bit of publicity,” admits the Cuban

Niurka and Marko Peña reveal romance in Hoy (Courtesy: niurka.oficial)

Marko Peña and Niurka clarified that their courtship is a mixture of publicity and love, during the live broadcast of the program Today. “He wants to see it that way because we are really infiltrating romance. It all started because we were working together, ”said the Cuban-born star about her participation in a video of the band musician.

She explained that during the recording of a music video with Peña, she did everything to seduce him, according to the version of the vedette, she wanted to give realism to her collaboration, because of this is that in social networks it is rumored that their relationship may be merely “plastic”, with the sole purpose of attracting publicity.

“It all started as a soap opera, if it has been and is true, we had the first touch, she made you feel nervous when doing the first scene” said in an interview ‘El Mero, Mero’, who described the filming of the video “why don’t you die” that stars with Niurka and will premiere this Monday.

According to her, Peña is a gentleman who refuses to give details of his first romantic approach, although he described ‘Mero, Mero’ as someone shy, but determined to go for her outside the recording sets. “He’s a gentleman and he’s going to look big, I saw him shy, staring at me. Everything was alienated, that’s how things are done, take advantage of the publicity, “said La Cubana about her approach to the singer-songwriter on set, and how the first steps in your romantic relationship.

(Photo: Niurka's Instagram)
(Photo: Niurka’s Instagram)

Take advantage of it, because the video is very beautiful, very horny, the kisses are real, the hugs are real, the jacuzzi bath is real. He got in with clothes and everything, he saw me and said, I’m going ‘pa’ there. We bathe together because we are full of soap, “Niurka described one of her scenes in the music video that started all the rumors.

When asked if their romance has only been confirmed on the show, Niurka clarified that both she and the musician have had, not only more intimate approaches, but those that include their respective families, children and other relatives. “They’ve already seen us on social media, I’ve already met their children, their mother, their aunts, I’ve already met everyone. Last night we had dinner with my children at my house, my children met Romi and EmilianoNiurka said.

“I had the pleasure of being with them, we were at a dinner, they have gone twice, we got together, we sang, we laughed and everything,” said Marko Peña when he met the Cuban’s family for the first time. She added that what happens in the video that will just debut also happened in their lives and is not a simulation entirely.

“It is important for people to know that this is what video has, it has real scenes with real feeling. If they ask me why he paid me to be his model, it was because we clicked, then people start to say that it is a lie but no, it is real, “said Niurka.

(Photo: Niurka's Instagram)
(Photo: Niurka’s Instagram)

However, it is not the only controversy surrounding the model, since she recently defended Rafael Amaya, who was recorded in the streets of Tijuana, apparently intoxicated and although the exact situation of the famous actor is unknown, Niurka was questioned, expressed his solidarity and urged the media to support Rafael to continue with his process detoxification:

“Poor thing, you have to support him, I can’t say anything to him because he isn’t in his five senses then, I just ask all the people around him, you, the media, to instead of crushing him, instead of discrediting him and instead of fucking him together let’s help himBecause that is how we have helped Juan for years and look how healthy he is, ”said the Cuban in reference to her ex-partner Juan Osorio.


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