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Models and designers: four young entrepreneurs creating new directions in fashion

These four women share the same passion: fashion. They met her from an early age when they began to model or design, they discovered the flaws and beauties of an ever-changing industry and fell completely in love with this world. Anecdotes and experiences are abundant and they know her better than anyone. In it they found their identity and their path. The most important thing: they do not get pigeonholed, and today they design their own dreams.

They are Paloma Cepeda, Francisca López León, Violeta Juni and Anushka Elliot. In dialogue with Infobae, these young entrepreneurs they shared their stories, their thoughts, and their day to day.

Violeta Juni, from architecture to bikini design

Violet Juni She is an architecture student, but she is best known on her social networks and in the fashion world for the graphic campaigns and capsule collections she designs.

Violeta Juni is an influencer and model, currently has capsule collections of bikinis

“I have been in the fashion industry since I was very young since my mother also belongs to it. However, What I like the most about being part of this circle is not being pigeonholed into being just a model, but having the possibility of being a bit in various sectors”Violeta Juni tells Infobae.

Violeta account that not only modeling, but also on the production side, creates visual content for brands on their social networks, and -like two years ago- participate as a designer of a bikini capsule for the Ita Bikinis brand.


And since collaboration is a fundamental part of the industry, finding colleagues and professionals who pursue a similar vision or who feel comfortable is more than necessary. “Whenever I had the opportunity to work with Javier Saiach I really enjoyed it “says about the designer and stylist. “She has an incredible crew, and beyond that, wearing her dresses makes you feel like you are a queen. Last year and this one too I worked with Claudio Cerini for the summer bells and it was a lot of fun. “

Bikini models from the Violeta Juni collection

Violeta already has her second bikini capsule, and what she enjoys the most is the creative part, have the freedom to choose fabrics, models, think of a campaign. “In addition, there is for all bodies.” And about real bodies, his opinion is categorical: “There should not be a versus between real bodies versus model bodies. That is why the objective of this collection was design models so that women feel comfortable and can highlight the parts of the body that they like the most, thus feeling sexy and confident “.

“It is very important to understand that many times the hegemonic bodies that we find in the networks are not real. We are all aware of the flattering effects of good lighting, angles and even touch-ups sometimes ”, he pointed out.

For Violeta, today’s fashion is a challenge: “I believe that today this world is beginning to loosen up and although there will always be certain styles or garments that are in fashion, everyone has the opportunity to adapt them to their personal style. As usual We are no longer governed by a specific style but each one is free to experiment and have fun with clothes the way you like it. “

Paloma Cepeda and Francisca López León, an inseparable trendy duo

Paloma Cepeda and Francisca López León, the designers and founders of FP

Paloma Cepeda and Francisca López León They are clothing designers. They met seven years ago in college. From there they never separated again and together they created their brand that today is a must among those who know about design and author’s garments: FP.

From the age of 12 I had already chosen the career. Once I spent hours choosing things in a used clothing store (it is still my favorite show) my family was waiting for me and my uncle told me: ‘The good thing is that it is already obvious what you are going to study’. That day I got a clear token ”, he recalls Paloma in dialogue with Infobae.

Paloma wearing one of her brand's garments

Francisca’s story is similar, and she found inspiration in vintage that sparked her imagination: “When I was a girl I loved going to my maternal grandparents’, going into the room that had belonged to my mother and grabbing all the clothes she wore her when she was a girl. My grandmother made it using scraps she found around and made dresses that were impressive to me. Little by little I was putting together a drawer with my favorite clothes and every time I went I spent hours playing inventing characters with each dress that I put on ”.

Paloma believes that not being connected with what is happening at the level of world fashion trends is impossible, but they set out on their brand to try always continue with the same line from which they started: the romanticism of clothing with a flavor of past times. They have shirts with a cut at the waist and balloon sleeves, flared high-waisted pants, minis and oversized jackets, among other exquisite garments that dazzle collection after collection.

We live fashion as a meeting place between us and the people who come looking for something. A very nice bond was created between the younger girls who are choosing more and more entrepreneurial brands, that seems to me very valuable on their part ”.

The garments that Paloma and Francisca create are net and without prints

The young women say that at the beginning It was not easy to open their own brand and cover as many sizes as possible, but they continue to work on that as they grow. “To think that we created it out of nothing and today it already has a language and a small world that follows it: finding women in the premises, letting us know what they think about the clothes, seeing the things we do on the street, going out to a bar and meet a girl who is using some FP “, say proudly the designers.

Despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic hit fashion in an unexpected way, they claim to have grown. “People got used to buying online in a very short time and understood that they can do it perfectly. It helped us entrepreneurs a lot. He opened a sales channel that was fully activated. We adapt to this new way, today our sales are 60% online. At the same time, it seems nice to keep the place as a meeting space, in order to offer a closer experience, but it has to be worth it and offer something more than what you find from your online store ”.

Anushka Elliot: from Venezuela to Uruguay and Argentina

Anushka Elliot has a unique style, with very bohemian prints and sparkles

The fourth story is from Anushka elliot, a designer born in Venezuela but raised in Argentina. He opened his first boutique in José Ignacio, Uruguay, and from there he expanded to Buenos Aires.

“From a very young age I liked to put together outfits. At the age of 12, they gave me a sewing machine and that’s how I learned little by little how to assemble clothes and sets. As time went by I wanted to have clothes that I imagined and did not exist, so I decided it was time to start creating them ”, she shared her first encounters with fashion Anushka to Infobae, today 30.


The designer defines her style as eclectic and unique, which always seeks to differentiate itself from the rest. Also, as his clothes are made with a lot of love, he says that dedication is transmitted and seen. “When I see a garment of mine on someone, I realize what the whole process was like. It is a very long process, with many obstacles but I love thinking about the finished product that I have in my mind and how I am going to present it to the world”.

Anushka tells that find inspiration in everyday life, to be connected with everything that happens in the world, in understanding and analyzing what people need. “I think a lot about what I need and what others need. We do not do just to do. Things have to make sense. If you don’t have it, we don’t. More than ever we have to take care of the planet and we are very involved in creating conscious products and that they are also products that last for years and are not trendy ”.

On today’s fashion, Anushka thinks that there are more freedoms and that each time you seek to be who you want to be: “There is also more awareness, more comfort and more acceptance. That is why I believe that there is a lot of variety of style in fashion to accompany each individual. I bet every day that fashion is true to the essence of each one ”.

Mix of textures and patterns, Anushka bets on everything in each collection

The COVID-19 pandemic made this designer think : “It made me stop, think and analyze. That braking so necessary to find the way again that sometimes in the maelstrom of the world one cannot stop. I am planning many changes. I produce everything in Argentina but I am not finding all the materials I need to create the products I have in mind for which we are looking to generate things outside. A very good change is that online went very well for us and that is very positive. “



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