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MasterChef México: Erubiel, participant accused of harassment, went to the final

Erubiel was accused of harassing a fan of the program (Photo: Twitter @MasterChefMx)

This Friday the Master Chef Mexico semifinal, so that the famous program is closer and closer to letting viewers know which of all the contestants will be chosen to carry the title of “Best amateur chef of the most famous cuisine in Mexico”And a considerable prize of one million pesos.

Thus, after the usual elimination challenges, the participant Erubiel became the second finalist of the show broadcast by Aztec, Well, he won two of the three established challenges.

In the first contest, Erubiel won on his own, but in the next challenge, he had the help of his former partner David, who supported him to cook a panacotta which was criticized by the judges because the presence of the required cheese was not felt. As a counterpart, those in charge of deciding the dishes mentioned that their recipe had a good presentation and a strong flavor.

In the next challenge, Erubiel made the dish that took him to the final and that consisted of pork chamorro with lemon, soy and marrow, toHe named it “The way of evil.” Given this, the judges told him that the meat was finished, but that the sauce needed to go a little further. Regarding the montage, they mentioned that it was “beautiful.”

It should be remembered that Itzel was almost tied with the now finalist, however, the crucial moment was when she presented a dish which the judges called very salty.

With her talent in the kitchen, Erubiel made it to the final (Photo: Instagram @masterchefmx)
With her talent in the kitchen, Erubiel made it to the final (Photo: Instagram @masterchefmx)

Likewise, this participant also managed to go to the next round, after performing a baked alaska. This situation led to the elimination of Meche and Rolando, who upon being eliminated were grateful to have been able to be part of this production.

But not everything is excitement, challenges, special guests and flavors in the Mexican version of the successful global license, as it recently emerged information that calls into question the honorability of one of the most controversial contestants of reality show, who allegedly committed reprehensible acts following the popularity he has gained in the program broadcast by Aztec TV.

The report of harassment

A few days ago, the youtuber Anthony Crazy shared on video that one of his friends, named Melanie, was allegedly harassed by the cook. According to the content creator, her acquaintance shared a photo of Erubiel on her Instagram account and endorsed her support for her to win the contest.

Melanie mentioned the account of MasterChef Mexico and raved the participant, and later he was moved because Erubiel himself had given “I like” to the ephemeral story. Due to such a reaction, the young woman asked the 35-year-old man to send her his phone number to communicate with him, as he admires his way of cooking.

Erubiel Sosa from Masterchef (Photo: Twitter @ pandamcfly)
Erubiel Sosa from Masterchef (Photo: Twitter @ pandamcfly)

Subsequently, Melanie began writing to the controversial participant, who has been singled out multiple times for the mess and lack of cleanliness in his kitchen station, asking him if it was really him and inviting him to send him an audio message to verify it.

To this request, the native of Veracruz would have responded “I will send you my pack, next to stickers of himself, to which the young woman answered negatively, quoting the message and writing a resounding “NO”.

Nevertheless, Erubiel sent him some more messages, an audio and also offered to send him a video asking him “something in return.”, to which Melanie questioned him about what he had to send her. It was at that moment that she received a video of Erubiel greeting her: “Hello Melanie, greetings, did you see that I am?”

The young woman decided not to answer because she was intimidated by the fact that Erubiel called her by her name, being that he never told him, besides asking him to send him “a cup”, referring to the cupcakes that the young woman sells and whose promotion she spreads on social networks, details that indicated that Erubiel had been stalking.


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