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Luxury New Year’s Eve: what Argentine designers propose to welcome 2021

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2020 was not a good year for the fashion industry. The coronavirus pandemic hit hard there around the February when the fashion week was taking place in Milan and the first shows began to be canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Then the impact was global, COVID-19 reached several countries, including Argentina, and fashion events were canceled without notice of resumption. It was so many of the designers chose to save their collections for the next season; others, on the other hand, bet on virtual parades.

But, creatives trust that 2021 will be better. And for that, they shared with Infobae the look they would choose to receive next year to pure glamor and elegance with the bet of the Argentine design.

The designer Pía Carregal and design inspired by nature (Photo: Franco Fafasuli)

The designer Pía Carregal To bid farewell to 2020, he proposed a model inspired by the nature of his ready-to-wear collection called “Pía Spirit” that he had to make as a second line in addition to haute couture during the quarantine.

“I chose it because it has a lot of nature, it has white, light colors and it is an ideal proposal for the Holidays. It is an imported tulle dress embroidered by hand, which has all appliqués and also has a embroidery work on the neckline and on the top of the dress”Explained Pía.

Los covers by Pía Carregal in linen (Photo: Franco Fafasuli)

Throughout the quarantine, the designer he also made masks of different genres and textures to prevent coronavirus and protect health, but for the summer, Pía thought about making new ones with other genres and the chosen one was flax.The texture of linen is one of the lightest there is, it has a pocket to put the filter and within all genres it is the one that can be borne the most in summer”, Carregal explained.

The design of Pía Carregal (Photo: Franco Fafasuli)

Your wish for 2021 for the fashion industry?: “Actually it is a wish for the world, let all this happen, and that we can get closer to our previous life little by little. But also from bad things, you can get something positive, how to take care of each other, and continue to maintain the good that the pandemic is leaving us being united can get ahead ”.

The designer Benito Fernández with his outfit chosen for the New Year (Photo: Franco Fafasuli)

For his part, the designer Benito Fernandez He also made his bet for the New Year and chose his outfit to receive 2021 in pure shine. The creative who has more than 30 years of experience in fashion opted for a two-piece set, a white shirt and paillettes pants from his collection “Cambalache”, with the idea that it be a look “high up, good party and fresh”.

“These holidays We need to be comfortable, so I did not choose a top or a corset or a complicated dress. It seems to me that the shirt and pants are the right garments for this season rather than a party dress. White is the color to ring in the New Year and the glitters for the pants give the glamor, they had to be for more than this year are different parties “, points Benito to Infobae.

Cotton shirt and paillettes trousers, Benito Fernández's comfortable and elegant proposal (Photo: Franco Fafasuli)

The glamor and looking different from the rest of the year could not miss to welcome this 2021″ Adds the designer.

His wish for 2021 is that the fashion industry can grow and adapt to this new normal he is facing: “I consider it to be an industry that generates a lot of employment beyond the photo with the model. Fashion interprets us and is one of the most important industries in the world. I hope that the government and the private sector can support this industry to grow as a country ”.

Benito Fernández's multi-colored cotton mask (Photo: Franco Fafasuli)

Claudio Cosano, another designer who has been a benchmark in haute couture and luxury for years in the country, to receive 2021 he proposes a youthful and cheerful design with fluorescent colors, which are one of the trends of this summer 2020-2021, like orange, neon green and fuchsia.

The designer Claudio Cosano with his dress, the option he proposes for the New Year's parties

“It is a super youthful dress, with a great job on the 3d flower bustier with the fluorine colors totally by hand and the frill finish on the skirt in orange to do it well canchero ”, the creative described his design.

The mask by Claudio Cosano

He mask The chosen one also matches the dress and is made especially for that design, it has orange stitching. “The masks were all the rage throughout the year, there are many models and varieties, there was no celebrity who has not been left without putting it, from Mirtha Legrand to Susana Gimenez“Cosano said proudly to Infobae.

Claudio Cosano's design in fluorescent colors

His wish for 2021 is that the pandemic is over, the parties are back because the haute couture business was seriously attacked by suspending all weddings and 15 years parties. However, Cosano says that he energizes her day by day and that she is making her luxury ready-to-wear line to continue serving her clients. “I hope that in 2021 the parties will return, so the work of haute couture becomes”.

The designer Jorge Rey and his dress proposal for this 2021

The young designer Jorge Rey, which is characterized by its volumetric designs, for these Holidays proposes a Mini dress with V-neckline and open back. “It is a dress that is comfortable, practical, but it is not without embroidery and shine that I like so much. It is lined in natural silk satin, which means that it is a super fresh and It is embroidered with all tiny crystals and flowers in thread with embroidered crystals. To protect ourselves from COVID-19 the mask has the same recreated texture “, details the designer of Rufino, Santa Fe.

Jorge Rey's design in silver for the New Year's Eve Parties

By 2021, Jorge Rey want all designers to be more aware at the time of the garment manufacture, and also the way it is sold. “For me that is the most important thing and what I wish the fashion industry for 2021,” he concluded.

“Over time, colors have come to symbolize different things, and we bet you didn’t know about these hidden meanings behind your favorite shade. In films, photography and art, colors are used with great intention to symbolize different emotions and ideas ”, he shares with Infobae the fashion specialist, Florencia Sosa and then explains the meanings of the colors to face this 2021:

“Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow”

These are the Pantone colors for the year 2021 and they have a special meaning. “It’s a combination that speaks to the resilience, optimism, and hope and positivity that we need, as we reboot, renew, reimagine and reinvent,” said Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute. They are two extremely independent colors that highlight how the different elements come together to express this message of strength and hope.

Green: prosperity and new beginnings

Green is closely associated with nature. Green is related to vitality and new life. Not to mention if you are looking to attract money and prosperity, this is your color.

White: new and pure

Like snow, white is often linked to purity and serenity. An all-white outfit will give your New Years party a clean look, perfect for new beginnings.

Lilac: power and luxury

Lilac has long been associated with royalty. It is also related to romance and affection. It symbolizes power and luxury. If you want to be the queen of the party and show all your power, this is your color.


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