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Justin Bieber rode an electric bike in Hawaii, Sigourney Weaver swam with her husband in California: celebrities in one click

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A different ride.  During his vacation in Hawaii, Justin Bieber rented an electric bike to ride the streets of the heavenly destination he chose to rest for a few days.  There he was seen aboard the car with shorts and a jacket, and enjoying the sunny day

Shopping day.  Lily Collins went shopping on the streets of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California.  The actress - popularly known for her role in "Emily in Paris" - wore a jean, a black T-shirt and a brown furry jacket.  In addition, he wore his mask and sunglasses

Romantic vacation.  Sigourney Weaver and her husband, Jim Simpson, swam off the beaches of Malibu, California.  The couple wore wetsuits and the film director wore his frog legs.  They came out of the sea holding hands

She tried to go unnoticed.  Eiza Gonzalez sought to evade the press while walking through West Hollywood, California, when she saw that there were photographers.  The Mexican actress wore a pink jogging suit, a jean jacket with brown leather details, and colored sneakers.  And at all times he wore his mask
Emilia Clarke went out to do essential shopping in London, England.  While complying with the confinement, since the authorities only allow citizens to go out to supermarkets or pharmacies, the actress - popularly known for her role in "Game of Thrones" - wore an oversized jacket, gloves and a wool hat, boots and carried an umbrella.  In addition, at all times he wore his mask Gigi Hadid went shopping in the Soho neighborhood of New York.  The model carried her almost four-month-old baby - the fruit of her relationship with Zayn Malik - in the stroller and raised her hand when she discovered that the photographers had found her.  According to the local press, he looked for a gift for his mother's birthday

Olivia Palermo set a trend with her look.  The actress walked through the streets of New York and wore black leather leggings, a leather jacket of the same color and a white shirt.  In addition, he wore his mask, sunglasses and a headband on his head
Always working.  Leonardo DiCaprio returned to shoot under strict health protocols due to the coronavirus pandemic.  The actor is filming Romantic walk.  Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, walked the streets of London.  Although the English authorities only allow them to go out to make essential purchases in supermarkets and pharmacies, the couple took a breath with masks and without meeting anyone, to maintain social distance (Photos: Grosby Gorup)



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