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Juanita Tinelli debuted on the fashion week runway in Buenos Aires

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Yesterday, February 27, at their 17 years Juana Tinelli, a member of the Tinelli clan, did for the first time, her debut on the catwalks as a model. However, previously, he also had his brief stint in fashion, for last summer season, when the youngest of Marcelo Tinelli’s female daughters, participated in the graphic campaign from the brand’s collection her older sister Micaela.

This time, the adolescent was encouraged to more, and as the protagonist, already without her sisters, she did it at the hands of the Argentine firm that has been in force for more than 25 years, under the command of the designer Cynthia Kern, Kosiuko and within the framework of the second day BAFWEEK.

With the presence of Marcelo, Francisco Tinelli and Paula Robles watching carefully from the first rowApplauding and cheering her on, Juanita dazzled everyone with three looks that the brand proposes for this new fall winter 2020 season.

Fuchsia and metallic, two trends that hit the Kosiuko catwalk this season and was the look chosen for Juanita (Brandy Group)

Cynthia Kern, designer and creative director of the brand, in dialogue with Infobae, he told how it was Juana’s choice, with whom you also share a family relationship, is girlfriend of his son, Luigi Bonomi.

“I knew I was starting to work with Management and I said yes would like to start with us and so he was hooked. We hired her and it was her debut. We did the tests, the fitting, we chose the looks and everything was according to his style ”.

Kern added that the experience with Juanita it was very natural and that the connection flowed super well and she felt safe. “I loved seeing her on the catwalk. It was fun for her to do the parade. We practice walkingWe told him how to pass the clothes, as I do with all the models and everything was great for him. “

A suit with a zebra print in yellow and black (Brandy Group)

On the BAFWEEK catwalk, they saw 36 models, 60 looks which were divided into different groups. In addition, Kern said that each season they seek for their show to stand out in scouting (search) for the perfect model so that the collection they present will show off each garment in the show.

. “We were backstage all watching on the screens and Juana had to open the first pass and sincerely, he stomped the catwalk, as if he knew. I am very demanding with the assembly of the parade, the markings of the models and she answered them barbarian, I did not see her reduced at all and she was happy. This morning he sent me a message thanking me for everything, “he said. Cynthia.

However, despite being his son’s girlfriend, Kern confessed: “for me it was one more model, super humble, and agreed to everything, like any other girlHe didn’t say, neither a yes nor a no, everything was fine. “

The designer and creative director of Kosiuko, Cynthia Kern, Yanina Latorre, Marcelo Tinelli and Vero Lozano, some of the VIP guests at the Kosiuko show

Asked what she thinks about Marcelo Tinelli, her son-in-law, who was also present at the parade, said: “I imagine that it should to have impressed to see Juana so womanHer brother was there too, the whole beautiful family accompanied her, then everyone came to greet her, it was all very beautiful, very familiar ”.

“It was a great debut”Cynthia Kern concluded.


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