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Jim Carrey turns 59 and is no longer who he was: the journey of personal transformation of the biggest smile in Hollywood

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Something happens to Jim Carrey. For more than a decade he has tried to disassociate himself from the figure of the comedian with a wide smile and pronounced gestures that we all knew, and that brought him to fame. Now he seems to deny her.

Who is Jim Carrey today? It is something that some of his followers wonder and, even more, he himself.

Strange acts ranging from questioning a fashion reporter and her incoherent responses, her views on politics and even questioning other actors like Tom Cruise made his erratic behavior flips the spotlight and some wonder if he’s gone crazy.

If you stay in front (of Tom Cruise) you realize that he is investigating you, the lasers are activated, Looking For things behind your eyes, some sense of doubt or weakness … with some people you have to be careful“, He said in an interview on the program Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Comedy Central, trying to justify the nickname, “Laser Jack Lighting”, which he had given the Top Gun actor in his autobiographical book, where he also makes fun of certain representations of Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian or Kanye West .

This book, Re Memories and misinformation, is a semi-autobiographical novel that he wrote with Dana Vachon and in which he does a deconstruction of his person, character and the film industry.

Jim talks about the worst of Hollywood, agents, celebrities, privilege, friendship, short-lived romances, addiction to relevance, fear of personal elimination, consumerism, a cataclysmic end of the world: mental and external apocalypse.

Although he also talks about the good: the recognition that his parents were proud of, the money he thought he needed as a child (and that he later discovered did not bring him happiness., The (Rare) Friends in the Industry as Nicolas Cage, to whom he dedicates heartfelt words for his assistance when he struggled with depression.

Some believe that his decline and depression began with the suicide of his girlfriend Cathirona White and the media war that he started with his family later, when he was accused of having started her on drugs that finally ended his life in September 2015.

The accusation gained strength when an alleged letter that White would have written before he died became known. In the letter, he stated that life with the actor would have been torture: “I loved life, I was happy with myself and I felt great. I was proud of all the decisions that I had made and I met you. You got me into cocaine, prostitution, psychological damage, and disease. You did really nice things for me but you broke me as a person Jim. I wanted to get Jekyll but instead I had Hyde. You kicked me out of your life when you had what was left of me that was worth it. “

A few words that they used as evidence in their family’s legal battle against the actor. For his part, Carrey tried to stay away from this issue until one day he said enough and asked for respect. “I will not tolerate this heartless attempt to take advantage of me or the woman I loved. Cathriona White’s troubles began long before we met, and sadly none of us could have avoided this tragic ending. I really hope that very soon people will stop trying to take advantage of this and let them rest in peace. “

Suddenly, the star of The Mask, Fool and Dumber or Ace Ventura He was no longer that nice character who only made us laugh and the one we all thought we knew.

The funeral of his girlfriend Cathirona White, from whom he was separated and who took his own life, after this his family accused him of driving her to suicide Photo: (AP)

But that existential void that he was meant to fill with spiritual quests really started long ago.

When he was a child, laughter was an instrument to generate the attention of his parents and avoid their fights. His father, whom he admiredHe had a great sense of humor, wanted to be a comedian but never dared and opted for the security of a conventional administrative job. However, overnight, the man lost his job and the family with four children had to go live in a mobile home.

Carey said that one of his greatest wishes as a child was to have a bicycle. He asked God for it and promised that he would pray to him every day if he brought it to him. Two weeks later her parents took her awayHowever, they explained to him that it had been thanks to a raffle from a friend who included him without telling him. But his faith in getting the things he could want began then. He was convinced that wanting something intensely was the first action and then moving forward and achieving it.

Finally, Percy found work as a security guard and his children as cleaning employees in a tire factory. The working hours lasted eight hours and Jim had to drop out of school. Percy noticed that his youngest son was beginning to lose that joy that made him unique and encouraged him to try himself out as a comedian in local bars. The first performance was at 15 years old.

Memories and misinformation is a semi-autobiographical novel that he wrote with Dana Vachon: (EFE)

I knew that money and those things were out there, you just had to go get them”, She commented on that naive stage where she felt she could find fame thanks to her talent in acting and interpretations of celebrities that she admired as Clint eastwood, Elvis presley, James stewart and Jerry lewis.

Carrey, 17, left Canada and moved to Los Angeles. He rented a room that he came to with just enough money for the rent. He survived with different jobs and although he acted in comedy shows the great opportunity did not come. It seemed that he should give up his artist dreams. It was then that he decided to imagine a future much more pleasant than that present. One night he took a piece of paper and wrote an imaginary check for $ 10 million from Jim Carrey to Jim Carrey. He put it in his wallet with the certainty that it would come true: “It made me feel good to envision a better future.”

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, she related a curious anecdote: When she was young, she wrote a check for 10 million and kept it in her wallet.  In 1995 he won that amount for "Dumd and Dumber"

I wrote a check for 10 million dollars for acting services provided since my childhood and I gave myself five years, maybe three, I had put it in my wallet and I kept it there, it deteriorated and deteriorated. Then that Thanksgiving 1995 I found out I was going to make $ 10 million off Dumb and Dumbed”, As he related it in the Oprah Winfrey program.

Although Carrey did not have a formal education, life and the years were loading him with experiences that made him a more reflective person, but at the same time they led him to question his role in Hollywood, how people saw him and how he saw himself: as a simple character who didn’t always have something to smile about. He knew it was much more than that.

I looked back and thought it was two people. All my life I was in the room entertaining people, being a monkey, I know how to do my thing for the company. (In my childhood) I wanted to try to relieve my mother, she suffered from arthritis, viruses, everything under the sun was damaging her, she felt depressed and I wanted her to be free and I wanted her to realize that her life was worth something because she gave birth to someone who is worth something, “she reflected on another occasion during a conference.

“Then I would go to my room and sit down with a notepad and I would sit down to find out what it all meant about why we are here, what is this about life. One day I read something about Buddha, who said that spirituality is about alleviating suffering and suddenly I realized that this is what I am doing.or in the other room and I felt relieved and I am aligned ”, he added regarding his existential crises.

This Sunday turns 59 and Carrrey appears to be someone else. Some will believe that he is still suffering from bouts of insanity or depression, yet it is only a new Jim Carrey.

I was at the top of the mountain and the only one I had not released was myself, so my search for my identity deepened. I was wondering who I would be without my fameWho would I be if I said things that people don’t want to hear, if I defied their expectations of me. I often say that I wish people could fulfill all their dreams of wealth and fortune so that they could see that this is not where they will find that sense of fulfillment. I am making a conscious choice to perceive challenges as beneficial because that way I can deal with them in a more productive way, ”he reflected.


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