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Issabela Camil witnessed the last breath of her father, Jaime Camil Garza

After more than a month of death of businessman Jaime Camil Garza, who died at the age of 70 on December 6 from catastrophic septicemiaAccording to reports from his former friend, the journalist Joaquín López-Dóriga, new information is now emerging about the exact moment when the wealthy businessman lost his life.

“(Issabela) was lucky and fortunate to be with him in his last breath, she was there holding his hand at that moment, and she was the one who warned us when my father-in-law definitely ceased to exist in this world,” he declared the deputy on the program The sun rises.

A week after the businessman's death, Mayer and Issabela Camil symbolically fired him in the sea of ​​Acapulco (Photo: Instagram @sergiomayerb)

The former Garibaldi member and actor also commented that his wife was grateful for having the fortune to fire her adoptive father. It should be remembered that the deceased gave his last name to the 51-year-old actress after he married his mother, also actress Tony Starr in 1978.

“She felt very happy because, she told me with tears in her eyes, my father-in-law had given her his last breath and it was something so beautiful and so beautiful, my whole family cried“, he claimed.

However, Mayer revealed that Issabela was unable to verbally say goodbye to her father while he was still conscious, but did speak to him at the hospital when he was no longer “connected to the machine”:

“He could not say goodbye in quotes, because perhaps consciously he did not have the opportunity to say goodbye to him, but still alive, connected to the machine, my wife had the opportunity to be, talk with him”.

Jaime and Issabela Camil have strengthened their family ties after the death of the millionaire businessman (Photo: Instagram @sergiomayerb)

The famous 54-year-old deputy mentioned that the death of the also father of actor Jaime Camil “It was something very strong for the whole family,” so she is supporting her loved ones in the face of the loss, especially Issabela and their daughters.

“(My daughters) were in the hospital, they were present at the last moment, they were outside waiting, they had the opportunity to go in, we were there with him, we prayed, we all held hands and dedicated a sentence”, He detailed.

The businessman lost his life unleashing a wave of condolences and messages of support and solidarity for his family members from multiple characters entertainment, communication and the business sector.

Those who were mentioned hundreds of times on social networks were his children Jaime Camil Junior and Issabela Camil, his two sons with greater presence in the media due to their foray into the world of entertainment as actors.

Camil Garza promoted his son's artistic career and stayed close to him until his last days (Photo: Instagram @sergiomayerb)

Camil Garza was a fundamental figure in the upbringing of Issabela and always meant great support for her. After a couple of days in silence after hearing the news, the actress wrote a brief, but moving message on her social networks Accompanied by a black and white photograph where he is seen hugging the late Mexican businessman tightly in what appears to be the actress’s wedding: “Embraced from you forever. I love you dad”, wrote.

A week later, Mayer and Issabela “said goodbye to him” in the port of Acapulco, on the Mexican Pacific coast where the millionaire spent his last days. It was through his account Instagram where the deputy shared an achievement of stories in which a sunset and the sea is observed, while he is heard exclaiming: “This is beautiful, I give it to you with all my heart (to Camil Garza).”



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