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Thursday, February 25, 2021

“I’ll probably delete this post”: Dalú showed his spectacular physical change and achieved more than 70,000 likes

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Through Instagram, Dalú, Winner of the last edition of “La Academia”, she shared a couple of photographs in which the spectacular physical change that she has achieved in just over two years can be appreciated.

The interpreter of “10 minutes” uploaded to her profile An image from 2018 in which he appears with a serious face and overweight, and compared it to a more recent snapshot, where he looks smiling, and with a much slimmer and more toned figure.

“I will probably delete this post, But I just wanted to start this Friday by sharing something that suddenly continues to impact me, sometimes we work so hard that we forget to stop to remember everything we have achieved. So stop for a few minutes and value all your effort, because everything is a process (this post will be removed later), ”wrote the 25-year-old artist.

In just a few days, the publication achieved 71,381 likes, and in the comments many “sharks”, as the singer’s fans are known, applauded her willpower and perseverance. Further, hundreds of users asked you not to delete the collage, as it could serve as an inspiration to other people.

The 25-year-old famous recently uploaded this collage, but clarified that she plans to delete it (Photo: Instagram @dalumusica)

“Why eliminate something so positive? You motivate many precious “, commented user @kenyajaneth.

“I would like you not to erase it because it is a way of remembering that everything you want can be achieved. You are a great inspiration for many people, I include myself, thanks to you I have learned countless things, “wrote @sharkunderground.

“Don’t delete it. You are my inspiration and I am 18 kilos less: tiburona, I love you ”, added @yenicastillo_.

“More than image is health … And cheers for that achievement in your life … Discipline is basic in the life of an artist in different areas ”, indicated the Mexican actor @rafamercadante.

This is not the first time that the 25-year-old songwriter has published images from her past, and talks about the eating disorder she suffered during her childhood and adolescence.

In June 2020, he uploaded another image to Instagram in which he revealed that lost more than 20 kilos in two years. In the text, she opened her heart and said that she is very proud to now have healthier habits.

“This is me, someone who lost 24 kilos and has no shame in saying it, to say that he has flabby skin in some parts of the body, that there are stretch marks of evidence due to being overweight, that he has cellulite and many other things for which I feel ugly, according to society, according to stereotypes ”, Dalú began.

With these photographs, uploaded to Instagram in June 2020, Dalú revealed that he suffered overweight in the past, and that he took refuge in food "to fill gaps" (Photo: Instagram @dalumusica)

“I don’t see the ‘imperfections’ of my body as something to be ashamed of and hide. Unlike, It is a pride that my loose skin and my cellulite reflect all my effort, my discipline, my perseverance, my strength, my passion for achieving everything I set my mind to regardless of what they will say ”.

In my stretch marks I see that Dalú from before who did not take care of her body or her health, who took refuge in food to fill gaps but who changed and removed all those bad habits with which she carried so many years

Although the author of “Inquebrantable” confessed then that she hesitated when uploading the photographs, because He was afraid of the damage that haters could do With his offensive comments, he found it more important to motivate other people who want to lose weight or achieve any goal with his story.

“I was nervous about uploading these photos thinking about what hate could point to and judge. But what do you think? I care more about inspiring and motivating others, so that they see that we have to respect every inch of our body, stop comparing ourselves and wanting to be perfect, ”he explained.

In an interview with the morning show Come the joy, the famous from Sinaloa said that she changed her lifestyle after suffering a toxic relationship. And although she did it at first to look better, she soon realized that her new habits made her feel better.

“I wanted to do it out of vanity, I wanted to put on other types of clothes, look better, feel better, and in the months that I began to feel changes it was not because of how I looked, it was because of the feeling of well-being that my body felt, I realized that I started for the wrong reason ”.

Dalú deleted months ago the publication that he uploaded in June 2020 to his profile, but for now, and despite the warning, he has not deleted the collage he shared this January.


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