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“I was a kept from my ex-husband”: the Mexican Kim Kardashian opened up on Instagram

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Mariana González, known as “The Mexican Kim Kardashian”, has been the target of criticism and attacks in recent weeks for his love affair with Vicente Fernández Junior.

While some users condemned her age difference with the musician, and accused her of being with him “out of interest”, Anel Noreña publicly judged her way of dressing, which she considered too daring and low-cut.

Through her social networks, however, the 37-year-old businesswoman has not avoided these topics, and has faced many offensive comments. And this Wednesday, January 13 surprised her Instagram followers by talking about controversial topics such as her plastic surgeries, her newfound fame, or the years she lived as a housewife, time in which she was financially dependent on her ex-husband.

In their stories, Mariana González began by referring to her aesthetic touch-ups, and clarified that she explains the surgical operations she has undergone, and reveals the doctors who have treated her, to help women who also want to look beautiful and provide them with safe information.

“I am not motivating them to undergo surgery, I am only telling them and contributing what I do, because many times they go with people who can be charlatans, or so that they are informed that sometimes things are not so expensive. […] Because we all want to be beautiful, but sometimes we have conditions [económicas] different, ”he explained.

Without complexes, the influencer stated that she was not born as beautiful as she would have liked, and that’s why he decided to change his physique with surgeries and treatments.

“We will always be beautiful. We are going to improve our physique a little with things that sometimes you were not born with that fortune, I was not fortunate to be born with all that, because I have done it, I have applied it, I have put it on “he confessed.

In addition, he said that to get the most out of it, he applies false eyelashes every day, fixes his eyebrows and takes care of his hair. And although some criticize this excess of “production”, the only important thing for her is “feeling happy.”

“Everything is production girls. We are all beautiful, but we can all be more beautiful. Sometimes we all like to take advantage of how much or how little we have. Right now there is everything, the truth is that you put extensions, you do a lot of things. The important thing is to feel happy, to be in love with life, with what one looks like and that the person who really loves you is going to want you up like this, just as you look. This is what people who really love you are like. All this is obviously the shell, the beauty must be inside ”, he assured.

Vicente Fernández's girlfriend said that she has undergone cosmetic adjustments because she was not born as beautiful as she would have liked, and despite the criticism, she said that in her opinion the important thing is to feel good and happy (Photo: Instagram @ marianagp01)

These statements about physical appearance and inner beauty come a week after several users assured her in Instagram comments that if she were not young and beautiful, Vicente Fernández Jr. would not have noticed her. In addition, they accused her of being with him because of the fame of the artist family, the money, and the interest.

“With all due respect, but if he had been a bricklayer or a taxi driver you would not even pray, Even if you say that there is no interest, the fact that his father is famous and what that entails makes you feel some admiration for him and see him as beautiful, when we all realize that you are a lot of part for him, and he is with you for your beauty, because if it weren’t for that I doubt he would have noticed you “wrote user @ locos420.

Mariana did not ignore the message, and explained that if she only looked at the money She would continue with her ex-boyfriend, a 38-year-old Arab millionaire who was much richer than Vicente Fernández Jr.

In the same vein, this Wednesday, in his Instagram stories, he revealed that for a long time she was financially dependent on her ex-husband, and she was a housewife, but she clarified that this is no longer the case, and that she has managed to fend for herself.

“I also want to start talking to you a little about how I managed to get ahead, how to be a woman who I was a housewife, who lived supported by my ex-husband, how all of me resurfaced. Then I’m going to talk to you, so you can be on the lookout. And if I can help them a little by motivating them with what happened to me and how I was able to achieve it, I would love to contribute that bit, so that they know that we can all, that we achieve it, that it is not easy but that it can be done. ”, Revealed the model.

He also thanked his followers for the success they have shown him (Photo: Instagram by Mariana González Padilla)

About her success on Instagram, the Mexican Kim Kardashian said that the platform has helped you achieve that financial independence, and thanked his followers for the support they show him every day.

She explained that when she shares videos in restaurants, hotels and beauty centers, she does not seek to give envy, but to support local businesses, and motivate women entrepreneurs to achieve success, just as she did.

“I want that if you follow this account that is me, I contribute something to you, I do not want to cause envy, I don’t want to cause that, on the contrary, I want to cause motivation, that you motivate yourself, that you can start your business. That there are old ladies who say ‘What can I do?’ ‘Do you know how to make mole? Make mole,’ “he added.


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