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“I think they were following us”: Memo Aponte recounted the moments of anguish that he experienced when he was assaulted on his way to Puerto Vallarta

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Memo Aponte he became one more victim of crime in Mexico. The youtuber reported that was assaulted at gunpoint, on his way to Puerto Vallarta in the company of his girlfriend Mónica Rosales.

The voice actor recounted on his YouTube channel what happened last Thursday, when they were heading to Puerto Vallarta, in Jalisco, to celebrate their two-year relationship.

Aponte and Rosales assured that they were intercepted on the highway to Puerto Vallarta and stripped them of all their belongings, including your suitcases, computers, cameras, telephones, medicines and even your pet’s food.

“In the middle of the highway, I think they were following us, I’m not sure. Cars were locked on us and people with weapons got out. They opened the trunk, the doors and took out everything: wallet, cell phone, everything”, He assured in his channel of the video platform.

Both influencers think they were being followed because they did not publish their whereabouts and the assailants knew that there was more than one object of value in their vehicle.

“I feel like they knew who we were because how they knew we had the equipment, the cameras. Moni and I don’t normally stop on freeways … The plan was to celebrate two years of anniversary, we have a house in Puerto Vallarta and the idea was to celebrate here locked up, enjoy the Sun and the heat, but unfortunately these events happened ”, he added in the video they published to accuse that the devices are all your passwords.

“If you see something on my social networks, let me know”, explained.

Memo Aponte stressed that they did not take away his vehicle and thus they were able to reach Puerto Vallarta, where they were already helped by their relatives and communicate with their parents.

He added that they will seek to make the corresponding complaint and track the stolen objects thanks to their GPS locator.

(Photo: Instagram by Memo Aponte)

Monica Rosales mentioned that the criminals sought to seize her dog Molly, but she convinced them not to.

“Fortunately we have … here is Molly, because at some point they wanted her, but I managed to impose myself with the no and give in to everything else they wanted”, He stressed.

Already from his Instagram account, Memo denounced that the people who seized his things turned on his phone and located them in Guadalajara, but explained that he would not go looking for them to preserve their safety.

“Let’s see what we can do with this information. Obviously I don’t think they are physically somewhere, I think they are moving and we know that things are unrecoverable and more because it is very easy to hide them”, He accepted from his stories.

Earlier this year, the voice actor he was expelled from the Universidad Iberoaméricana for being credited with his participation in a “gender assault”.

Although the academic institution did not confirm the identity of the young man, it did issue a statement regarding the expulsion process: “The expulsion of a Bachelor student who was credited with gender assault was determined.”

Aponte reacted to the viralization of this news with funny content. “A beautiful morning waking up next to this beautiful girl (his girlfriend Mónica Rosales) and Now everyone says I don’t have school”Said the famous actor and influencer with a million followers in said social network laughing.

Although he did not confirm the academic drop, he does have a long chain of accusations against him. It was in January 2019 when dozens of young people, many of them minors, They denounced him through their social networks because he asked them for intimate photographs. The influencer contacted those affected by Instagram and later transferred the conversation to his Telegram account (an application similar to WhatsApp).

As well A series of audios were published in which Memo supposedly refers to his fans in a derogatory way, and even the voices of women who were harassed by the actor.

After the controversial accusations, the famous one recognized that the audios are from him, but He assured that they were taken out of context and had even been edited.


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