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“I saw one walking by the cheek”: the terrifying story of how Luz Elena González was filled with larvae from eating raw fish

Luz Elena explained that the headaches were intense and did not disappear with the medicine.

Luz Elena González, from Guadalajara, confessed that the last time she consumed fish, she had a horrible experience, because after a few days she realized that had larvae walking under his skin.

The actress made public that she suffered from a parasite infection that she contracted when she ate raw fish that she consumed, which caused various symptoms such as skin swelling, headache, and a feeling that something was happening to you. The last and most serious thing that he experienced was that his body began to fill with larvae because the medicine he took was not the right one.

The actress spoke to the magazine TV Notes his journey. When he began to feel bad, he visited the doctor, who told him that the discomfort was due to something that he ate hurting him and only gave him medicine against the headache. However, the signs persisted so she sought a second opinion that did not give her the correct diagnosis either.

She stated that when she was in the makeup area, the girl who was preparing her saw that she had an inflammation on her cheek that they tried to hide. Suddenly the soap opera actress Until the money do us partHe saw in the mirror how something moved under his cheek.

The actress fainted after seeing something move under her cheek.  (Photo: @ luzelenaglezz / Instagram)
The actress fainted after seeing something move under her cheek. (Photo: @ luzelenaglezz / Instagram)

“I kept working and, one of the recording days, I was in the makeup area when suddenly I saw my cheek with inflammation and, although the girls were helping me to hide it, it was no longer possible to cover what was happening to me. Suddenly, I saw a larva walking down my cheek and started to hyperventilate, He said.

After he passed out, they carried out blood tests to find out what was happening to him. It was thus that the 46-year-old from Guadalajara learned about the parasites that measure from 20 to 30 millimeters that he housed in his body.

“Fortunately, I came to a good doctor, an infectious disease specialist, who did new studies on me and finally it was known what was in my body. Told me that I had larva migrans from eating raw fish and I was terribly alarmed, I just said: ‘My God, please take this away from me ”he commented.

The doctor warned him that the inflammations and larvae would continue to appear because the medicine he gave him would cause them to come out and die. However, it was a long process since each one was leaving eggs, turning the infection into a cycle.

After your experience the fish makes you nauseous.  (Photo: @ luzelenaglezz / Instagram)
After your experience the fish makes you nauseous. (Photo: @ luzelenaglezz / Instagram)

“… I looked curious and saw how they multiply, invade and pierce organs, but what terrified me the most was that the larva went to the eyes and ate them. I asked the doctor to give me everything and I took the medicine religiously so that nothing similar would happen to me ”, he reflected.

The treatment lasted two and a half months, during which time she was constantly feeling nervous, upset and unable to sleep. She explained that later she had to be dewormed. In the end, he had to have blood tests, which confirmed that he no longer had parasites.

“…even so, every six months I must take a medicine to eliminate any type of parasites, since not always everything we eat is completely disinfected. Since that experience, I no longer eat raw fish, I avoid it; just seeing it makes me nauseous, “he revealed.

Thanks to this experience, Luz Elena said that she takes more care of her diet, especially that the meats are well disinfected and cooked. He recommended that we be very careful with everything we eat, as the temperatures to which the food is exposed must also be taken care of.


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