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“I have never been with another person”: Sarah Kohan reacted to the versions about an infidelity to Chicharito

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The model Sarah Kohan broke the silence on rumors of alleged infidelity towards the Mexican soccer player, Javier “Chicharito”Hernández, with whom she could be separated for several weeks.

The Australian used her Instagram stories to clarify for the second time that she has not been involved with another man and asked for respect for her family.

It must be remembered that for several weeks it has been speculated that Kohan would have been related to the personal motivator and great friend of Chicharito, Diego Dreyfus, reason why they could have separated after the birth of their second daughter Nala.

Although neither of them has spoken specifically about the distancing, Sarah has been intercepted by the media and has even sent several messages through her social networks to defend her behaviors.

The model Sarah Kohan broke the silence about the rumors of an alleged infidelity towards the Mexican soccer player (Photo: Sarah Kohan's Instagram)

“I would like to say that I have never been with another person physically or emotionally since I met Javier”, She published on her social networks to silence the versions that link her with the speaker and change the perception of her.

“Please stop implying that I have. That is not the person I am. Please respect my privacy and that of my family ”, concluded the model that in recent days has been questioned about the break with the father of her children.

This week the rumors about their separation have grown because in social networks they have been distanced and neither of them has spoken about it.

While he is seen in his training sessions or next to Diego Dreyfus, she has remembered his various trips around the world and even surprised everyone with a very sensual photograph that portrays his days.

The young mother appeared without a single garment, but yes with a white foam on the body and especially covering their private parts, as well as a green mask on the face.

The model accompanied the snapshot with the text: “When someone asks you for a photo to summarize you.”

The model accompanied the snapshot with the text:

It was also intercepted by the program Tell me what you know, where they questioned her about her sentimental situation without her wanting to delve further into the subject.

“Can you leave me alone? Thank you”, Kohan responded when meeting a reporter from the Telemundo entertainment program.

“My private life is private. It is not your business ”, she concluded already exalted by the questions.

The problems between the couple began in October last year, when It was speculated that Noah was not the son of “Chicharito”, but the product of an infidelity by Sarah with the player’s motivator, Diego Dreyfus.

This version arose because the speaker is very close to the family of the Galaxy player and they even continue to share moments together, despite the estrangement with Sarah Kohan herself.

Faced with the increasingly constant rumors, the model took the floor and denied this version: “I would not have to explain anything, but things in the media got out of control. I’m tired of the messages that point out that Diego is Noah’s father, just because of the color of his eyes. His father is Javier! I was already pregnant with Noah when I met Diego. Noah’s eyes are the same color as my mother. End of story, stop bothering my family, ”the Australian model explained in English.

Days after positioning themselves on the alleged infidelity, both Javier Hernández and the Australian model have shared mysterious messages that could show their love situation.


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