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“I drive … unless it is in my helicopter”: Salinas Pliego responded to the challenge of the Golden Scorpion

The businessman Ricardo Salinas Pliego responded sharply to the invitation made by youtuber Alex Montiel, better known as “Golden Scorpion”, to join his YouTube channel in a dynamic titled “at the wheel”.

Through his official Twitter account, the “Golden Scorpion” wrote a message to the tycoon to be the next guest in the interview section of the channel “Peluche en el Estche“:” Ricardo Salinas, Escopión ‘at the wheel’, what do you say? Do you pull or crack to the interview? “

Before the invitation, Salinas Pliego responded through the social network in an ironic and challenging way: “It sounds tempting, but how about if I drive … unless I want it to be my helicopter, the pilots do drive there ”.

In addition to this, the billionaire businessman added that, if he accepted the invitation, the youtuber could feel offended by “his fortune”: “Me? The Golden Scorpion can be offended by my fortune and my tweets, or when I have started to cry for everything they invent?

Minutes after the businessman’s tweet, the youtuber responded with the same humor: “We’re going to have a fucking town bath in the city by car … in my fucking helicopters I’ve already done it and you can’t get so freaked out. give to me follow and we get sane, “tweeted the influencer.

The response of the Mexican magnate did not go unnoticed by the followers of the youtuber, who pointed out that they would love to see Salinas Pliego “take village baths.” There were also those who urged the Escopión to accept the invitation to take a luxurious walk through the city.

On the other hand, on the morning of this Monday, the businessman wrote a message about the apparent criticism he has received for his presence on Twitter and asked his followers if they consider that this attitude could be detrimental to his image and that of his company, Azteca TV.

“Hello, Today there was an article in a magazine where they talk about my presence on Twitter, and they refer to a study done in the USA on the participation of CEOs in social networks, what do you Mexicans think? ”Salinas tweeted.

MEXICO CITY, NOVEMBER 13, 2019.- The businessman, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, responded to those who criticize him for his strong presence on social networks.  PHOTO: ANDREA MURCIA /CUARTOSCURO.COM
MEXICO CITY, NOVEMBER 13, 2019.- The businessman, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, responded to those who criticize him for his strong presence on social networks. PHOTO: ANDREA MURCIA /CUARTOSCURO.COM

“Well, they say yes, that because I hurt my company, that no one will want to work with me, that I hurt the world with my tweets, that because of me there is so much kitten abandoned on the street and that if I stop tweeting all that will be resolved and Mexico will be a great country, “added Salinas Pliego.

And it is that the “tweeter entrepreneur” always gives a lot to talk about with the comments he makes through the social network. Just last Friday, the tycoon caused a stir with his reaction to the momentary crash of WhatsApp.

Through his Twitter account, Salinas announced the app he uses to share his ideas and texts with his “VIP group”: “No more, no less, that’s why I left them for a while and switched to Telegram.”

The businessman accompanied that tweet with a meme of the time that the Mexican television host, Pedrito Sola, ended up on the ground after a failed attempt to “dog.”

(Photo: Twitter / RicardoBSalinas)
(Photo: Twitter / RicardoBSalinas)

So big the favoritism by Telegram, that the owner of Tv Azteca created a channel in this messaging application, to which named as his “VIP group” where he shares exclusive information, as well as the texts he publishes on a personal blog before making them public.

This decision was made public on January 22, 2021, when in his Twitter account he shared the link to enter his channel of this app, and indicated that would seek to expand its presence to other social networks.

“I have also been thinking about having a presence in Youtube when time permits, with talks for Mexican entrepreneurs and businessmen, and then, with those same talks, ask my team to upload them as a podcast to Spotify and Apple Music”, He detailed.


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