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“I don’t want to be an artist”: Mimi de Flans recalled the beginnings of the pop group of the 80s

The remembered group Flans was a pop music project that emerged in the mid-80s in Mexico: it was the first vocal choreographic female group that catapulted songs such as Bazaar, I have fallen in love with a fan, No controls and Arabian Nights, themes that became the favorites of the young people of that time for their carefree style and their novel concept. His proposal also impacted the public in different Latin American countries at that time where there were no more youth projects than the extinct Timbiriche.

Faced with this boom that they had in the entertainment medium, and which is still in force in the new generations, Irma Angélica Hernández, better known as Mimí, a pioneer member of the group, recalled how the beginnings of the project were that launched her to fame alongside Ivonne and Ilse, the other two members who obtained an almost instantaneous popularity in that 1984.

“They wanted to do a kind of sitcom (TV show based on a sitcom) with some female fans. So when they call me, I tell them: ‘Thank you very much but I’m not interested, I’m in high school, I have other activities and I don’t want to be an artist‘”, The singer told the program The minute my destiny changed.

Ilse, Ivonne and Mimí immediately rose to fame with their first album (Photo: Instagram @ mimisiti7815)

And it is that Mimi, coming from a family of singers, already had experience in music, although not precisely in the pop ballad.

“I with Isabel, Mayte and Fer, the Pandoras, had sung a zarzuela a little year before, which was organized by the ladies who lived in Las Lomas. I sang opera with Fer’s uncle and there we met, we saw each other and we knew who we were. Isabel called me and told me ‘Come sitcom), it’s hilarious, Fer is part of the team. ‘ And that’s one of the minutes that changed my life, “he continued.

And it is that already “connected” with the creators of the project, the Flans group was naturally satisfied with the arrival of the two members.

The group only lasted five years (Photo: Instagram @flansgrupo)

“Isabel was in production together with Mildred (Villafañe, producer of the group), Memo and other guys. Ivonne was already in the cast, there was Fer, from Pandora, Amparín Serrano and I entered. You have no idea how we enjoy ourselves, because we all wrote the programs together. (…) Suddenly Amparín leaves, the Pandoras are going to start their project and that is when Mildred’s sister arrives, and says: ‘I have a friend who dances beautifully, is very pretty and sings great in the shower’. It was Ilse. Ivonne and I were already there, then Ilse arrives to do casting”He recalled.

“Damn Ilse, the grace and charisma, and how cute she moves, her beautiful color of voice … She went in immediately. It was more difficult for her because she wanted to continue studying and we were already very close to going to record. It was all about ‘We’re going to Europe to record an album, we went out in a couple of Always on sundays and we retire to finish the race‘. The three of us wanted to continue studying … we never imagined what was going to happen, “added the host.

And it is that after five years of great fame, the pop group separated at the beginning of the 90 ′, having a reunion in 2000 and a couple of intermittent meetings with the project that gave them fame when they were just teenagers.

After the departure of Ivonne, they are currently in force under the name "Ilse y Mimi" (Photo: Instagram @ilseymimi)

“I am surprised at the work we did before, but now what we do has a different vibe, I think we are much more vigorous than before, we have revolutionized,” Ilse mentioned in an interview in 2016.

“What transcended is that when we started we did a traditional job, it was very complex to go to TV programs, radios, newspapers in each state and country and thanks to that we were able to transcend and celebrate 30 years. I wonder if digital platforms provide that solidity to new artists, I will see that over time, “added the singer.



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