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“I did not monetize this situation”: Nath Campos faces rumors about high charges for interviews

The influencer Nath Campo addressed her followers and sought to clarify the rumors that indicate that she was profiting from the situation.

The youtuber Nath Campos broke the silence, after a communicator assured that the agency that represents her and herself sought a financial benefit by putting a high price on the interviews that different media sought to specify with her.

Through her official Instagram account, Nath addressed her followers and sought to clarify the rumors that indicate that she was profiting from the situation, after she made public his complaint against content creator Ricardo ‘N’, better known as ‘Rix’, on January 22.

“I am here, once again with you, to clarify something that I thought I would not have to clarify because I genuinely thought it was an absurd and unimportant gossip; only that I already started to see people assure things about this and that it was being commented in different places, several people have sent it to me. So I want to talk to you directly ”, the youtuber began.

Eventually, The influencer denied the rumors and even argued that they seem like “absurd gossip”, who cannot understand why they have been circulating.

“It has been said that I am charging, or that my agency is asking for money for me to do interviews on programs about this whole situation, in recent months. That is completely untrue. Gossip continues to emerge about this situation. I understand that people are curious, I understand that people are around this issue, but these gossip that I am profiting from this seem absurd to me ”.

From the social network, Nath assured that he has not sought to take advantage of the situation and He even revealed that he has not offered interviews about his case due to the poor treatment that his complaint received in some show programs and because “she has nothing more to add” to what she has already said on different occasions.

“I did not monetize the video, I did not charge for absolutely any of that, I did not monetize any of this situation. I never asked for money or my agency never asked for money for me to give interviews. I gave interviews in some places where we believed that the issue was going to be handled in an informative way, ”he continued.

I had a couple of mishaps with a couple of programs of this style that did not know how to handle the issue, or that they are only seeing it from the side of the show, the show, the morbid, and the net is that I am not going to expose myself emotionally to that situation, nor psychologically. I don’t plan on exposing myself to those questions. “

It was during the Flor Rubio program, Sunday Formula, that the journalist Gabriel Cuevas assured that Nath’s secrecy regarding the case against Rix was due to the monetary interests of the agency that represents the youtuber.

Rocío Sánchez Azuara, Nath Campos and Mimí (Photo: IG @ rocio_sazuara / @ nathcampost / Facebook @ mimiflansoficial)
Rocío Sánchez Azuara, Nath Campos and Mimí (Photo: IG @ rocio_sazuara / @ nathcampost / Facebook @ mimiflansoficial)

“Well, the hungry agency, and I say it with a capital ax, with a capital letter in Arial one hundred and two, answered the request to the production of Rocío Sánchez Azuara, who have sought her to go to the forum of this space. And so what do you think? What the agency told him: ‘Nath does go, as long as you give us a large amount. A little detail‘”The journalist reported.

As reported by the reporter in that radio space, the production team of the Imagen group program, Come closer to Rocío, as well as those in charge of the program of the television station of the Ajusco, Pampering with you, they contacted the youtuber to discuss their case; however, they received the same response from their representatives.

“It also happens later that the agencies are the ones that eat the money (…). They told (Rocío’s) production that they would gladly go, because they also argued that Mimí Contigo has looked for her, but that they have not gone just (for the money) ”.


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