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“I couldn’t be more proud”: Aislinn Derbez’s sweet message to her daughter Kailani, after returning from her trip to Hawaii

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After your trip to Hawaii, Aislin derbez He is already in Los Angeles and is enjoying the company of his daughter to the fullest, Kailani, to whom he dedicated some emotional words through his Instagram account.

“I could not be more proud of this little soul that we are forming. Achieving that mix between giving her the freedom to be herself, and at the same time setting loving and firm limits, is a complex work of art, “she wrote next to a photograph in which she appears looking sweetly at the little girl.

The protagonist of The House of Flowers try to educate Kailani under the method of “Conscious motherhood”, of which he has spoken on several occasions on his YouTube channel, The magic of Chaos.

This practice consists of listening to the needs of the children during their growth, respecting their way of being, and without altering their tastes or their personality. But also, involves detecting the emotions that arise during motherhood, so as not to act automatically under a stressful situation, but to do it in a responsible, thoughtful and “conscious” way.

These were the first Christmas that Mauricio Ochmann and Aislinn Derbez spent apart after their divorce (Photo: Instagram @aislinnderbez)

For that reason, Aislinn Derbez explained that for this 2021, Kai and she will change their routines and they will adapt them according to their feelings and needs.

“After a well-deserved vacation, yesterday we returned to the routine. Listening to our body, creating new routines, calmer, more fun, more loving, that constantly adapt to what we both need “, wrote.

The publication already has more than 343,690 likes, and hundreds of comments, among which the messages of some celebrities stand out.

“So beautiful”wrote Sarah Kohan, wife of soccer player Chicharito Hernández.

“Aw, how beautiful,” added Mexican actor Juan Diego Covarrubias.

“How beautiful,” added influencer Juanpa Zurita.

During Aislinn Derbez’s days in Hawaii, Kailani was left in the care of her father, Mauricio Ochmann. On his Instagram account, the Mexican artist also uploaded some photos with his daughter, walking along the beaches of California. “Life is today,” he wrote in one of the posts.

Aislinn Derbez enjoyed a vacation with photographer Jesh de Rox, with whom she has become related in recent weeks (Photo: Instagram @aislinnderbez / @jeshderox)

After spending Christmas with Kailani, actress Aislinn Derbez traveled to Hawaii for a few days off.

Although she did not reveal that she was in the company of photographer Jesh De Rox, with whom she has been associated lately, a couple of Instagram posts exposed the alleged couple. And it is that the eldest daughter of Eugenio Dérbez shared some stories of a maritime landscape that was the same as the one that De Rox climbed, who also confirmed that he was visiting the Pacific island.

In such publications Aislinn and Jesh tell of their admiration for the marine fauna of the place, and the photographer showed his geolocation in Kealakekua Bay, so netizens connected the dots and agreed that the couple escaped on vacation.

His followers did not stop commenting on their support for the alleged new relationship, especially the actress, who is applauded for the fact that he is giving himself a new opportunity in love after his media break with Mauricio Ochmann, father of his only daughter .

“2021 starting with all the love in the world”, “They make a beautiful couple”, “Obviously they are having an incredible time together”, “We love seeing Aislinn in love”, “They are together in Hawaii”, “Why not Did you take Kailani to the sea? ”, are some of the messages that the couple has received mainly in Aislinn’s comments.


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