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“I believed her tears”: Alan Tacher in the program “Hoy” about the Alejandra Guzmán and Frida Sofía scandal

Francisca Lachapel, Carlos Calderón, Karla Martínez, Alan Tacher, Satcha Pretto, Ana Patricia Gámez and Albert Martínez (Univision)

During the broadcast of this Tuesday morning “Today”, the host of the program Wake up America narrated the truth behind the controversial call between Alejandra Guzmán and her daughter, and He argued that he was surprised by the statement that the singer issued against the American entertainment program.

The Mexican driver spoke about how the emotional moment was lived behind the scenes and argued that once the call between mother and daughter ended, The program team hugged Frida Sofía, who was completely moved.

“We have images, and look, we didn’t want to show them from behind the scenes. They are such beautiful images when that interview ends. We all stood up, we hugged, well really that feeling of wanting to hug her, that she needed her mother at that moment. And it was when we hugged her in the air, the interview ended and, out of the air, people came to hug her, she with tears in her eyes. I believed her tears”, Narrated the driver.

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