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“I am already fed up”: Chumel Torres exploded against Federico Arreola for criticism

Photo: Cuaroscuro / Instagram @ chumeltorres

The youtuber Chumel Torres attacked Federico Arreola for a column in which she criticized him after getting 3rd place in preferences for his radio show.

Chumel responded with three tweets mentioning Arreola and sharing the text. In the first he said: “This man has already had me. Look @FedericoArreola: it’s been two years now that my and my friends’ radio program continues to rise in rating. Each of those times, in your review, you refer to me and my team as “tabloids, liars.”

Chumel defends himself against attacks by Federico Arreola (Photo: screenshot @ChumelTorres).
Chumel defends himself against attacks by Federico Arreola (Photo: screenshot @ChumelTorres).

“It doesn’t bother me to receive their insults, really. But I’m not going to let you call my team a liar at all. All the scripts that we use daily on the radio are taken from the newspapers and the mornings. Nothing is a lie. Yes, we make jokes about the notes of the day “he continued in a second tweet.

“But the real joke is how this country is being run. That you don’t like it is not my problem. But slandering to justify our promotion is garish. Turn off the radio, because we will continue to climb. With jokes, but with the truth. Although I screwed up * “, ended.

Among the three tweets, more than 39 thousand “likes” and more than 2 thousand retweets have already been added.. In the responses that appear in the tweets, you can read reactions from different users such as “What did you expect? It’s Federico “Carriola”. What can you expect from that cat? “ or “The same and that is what he is looking for, the constant response to the same signal.”

"With jokes, but with the truth," Chumel responded to Arreola on Twitter (Photo: screenshot from Twitter @ChumelTorres).
“With jokes, but with the truth,” Chumel responded to Arreola on Twitter (Photo: screenshot from Twitter @ChumelTorres).

Minutes after the three tuis, Federico Arreola also responded to Twitter: “Don Chumel, I regret to inform you that you are a tabloid and a liar. It’s your style, your strategy. I tell you this with respect and affection, hoping that criticism will help you find the path of seriousness and objectivity. Greetings”.

So far, Chumel has not responded to Arreola. Instead, he shared an image where INRA places his radio program in 3rd place with 1.53 percent rating, along with this thanked his audience for allowing him to do what he loves.

The text that angered Torres was published in SDP Noticias, in which Arreola referred to the youtuber and Loret de Mola as “Tabloid men who have decided to seek audiences by distorting the facts, seeking notoriety with bad jokes based on discriminating against people and supporting political causes without journalistic ethics, evidently in exchange for obscure financing.”

The journalist also assured that the high numbers of the Chumel and Loret programs are an unfortunate fact and that it dirties Mexican journalism since “There are others, other professional journalists who have grown or remain at a very good level without the need to fall into gossip, yellowness and vulgarity.”

In 2019, Chumel Torres and Federico Arreola also exchanged tweets for a note on radio ratings (Photo: Cuaroscuro / Instagram @chumeltorres)
In 2019, Chumel Torres and Federico Arreola also exchanged tweets for a note on radio ratings (Photo: Cuaroscuro / Instagram @chumeltorres)

It is not the first time that these two characters have faced each other, Already in 2019 they had exchanged tweets for a very similar note from Arreola. That time, the journalist said he did not understand how Chumel was at the top, in the ranking of radio programs in Mexico, of journalists such as Carmen Aristegui and Julio Astillero.

On that occasion, a Twitter user asked Arreola why Chumel Torres y Maquina 501 (the producer of the youtuber) took fifth place, to which the journalist responded “I’m shitting this @ChumelTorres but he’s doing very well on radio. If it were up to me, I would take away the space, but obviously @Radio_Formula must be happy with him ”.

Torres did not remain silent and responded to Arreola “Don Fede. Why do you like me so fat? Is it because I didn’t want the 8 thousand pesos that he offered me to buy # ElPulsoDeLaRep República when I was starting out? That was a long time ago, hugs, not bullets ”.

The exchange of tweets ended in 2019 with Arreola tweeting: “I demand that you not speak to me. I had to include you in the ratings because unfortunately you are already among the leaders. Either way.

Until now, this conflict has remained only between Chumel and Arreola. The other mentioned in the note, Loret de Mola, has not commented on the matter.


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