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“He got vaccinated, got sick and left us”: Carmen Madrid’s father died of COVID-19

The actress Carmen Madrid taking care of her father. (Photo: Facebook / CarmenMadrid)

After being vaccinated, the father of the Mexican actress Carmen Madrid presented complications from Covid 19, of which he did not recover and died yesterday, Saturday, March 20 at night.

A few hours ago, the actress of the soap opera Woman’s look, announced through his official Facebook page that unfortunately last night his father lost the battle against SARS-COV-2 after he was vaccinated a few days ago.

“He got vaccinated, got sick and left us”, wrote emotionally on Facebook.

Carmen Madrid, originally from Mexico City, explained that on February 26 she took her father, who was healthy, to receive the Sputnik V vaccine as it should be as he was an elderly person. However, after five hours, the man’s health worsened as he presented the common symptoms of the disease.

“Suddenly he lost sight of the best thing he had,” he said, “his eye. We hoped and believed it would happen. What is not what those who know say? It’s been 17 days and he just died out “, he expressed.

Dad of the actress Carmen Madrid (Photo: Facebook / CarmenMadrid)
Dad of the actress Carmen Madrid (Photo: Facebook / CarmenMadrid)

The scriptwriter also recounted the process they had to go through when they detected that her father’s health was deteriorating, because after the loss of sight, diarrhea, fever and weakness followed. He wrote that the man did not want to be alone, because, as there have been cases, he was afraid of dying, so Carmen decided to remain by his side.

“… he told me: don’t leave me alone, mijita. Be with me in what I am relieved, or in what I break. We decided to stay here. It is a blessing for me to accompany him “, he wrote days before when he was admitted.

The Ariel Award nominee for Best Actress was heartbroken, as she had faith that the vaccine would protect her family, not cause her death. He mentioned that he did not know what was happening, since he followed the entire vaccination protocol, a dose that promises to protect us against the possibility of contracting the virus. However, cases have already occurred where after being vaccinated, older adults die.

“What’s going on? I do not know. I know nothing. This biopolitics, this crisis, this natural fury, this destiny: it is killing many. Still present, strong and brave as my Dad is, the only thing I feel is gratitude for life, and also for the appropriate death, in the chink of free will in the whole network of power. From the agony that this message reaches where it has to go ”, wrote days before death.

Parents of actress Carmen Madrid (Photo: Facebook / CarmenMadrid)
Parents of actress Carmen Madrid (Photo: Facebook / CarmenMadrid)

Despite the efforts made by the doctors, the family and his own father, who remained in tubes for several days, he lost his life, a victim of the virus that today has us in a quarantine process that has lasted more than a year.

In the same internet portal, Carmen Madrid thanked all those who supported her during this journey and extended her condolences to the family.

“Well, Dad didn’t have a face, but he did have many friends, a lot of family who will surely remember him with love … Thanks to all the friends who supported us in this situation. In truth his help was invaluable. A hug to all of us who were orphaned by the presence of Dad. “, said goodbye and thanked Carmen.

Carmen, who will participate in the series La Guzman, is giving a series of webinars about the experience and everything that will be learned in the course that he will give on script writing and stories, which is called Transformative writing: the self as a hero.


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