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“He came out in a bathrobe with nothing underneath”: actress Danny Gamma joins the accusations of harassment against Andrés Roemer

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The harassment complaints against Andres Roemer keep increasing. Now it was the actress Danny Gamma who raised his voice to talk about the experience he had with the diplomat and a writer who has been under public scrutiny since his conduct with nearly twenty young people was evidenced, of which three have already filed a formal complaint with the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office (FGJ).

According to the interpreter in TV Azteca projects, he met the journalist at an event held by the Ajusco television station, where he offered him a work project.

“(Later) he tells me that he wants to talk about work and he told me if I could reach it in a restaurant in the Roma neighborhood … he had already asked for a bottle of wine and I asked for a cup of tea, “Danny told the First Hand program about what happened at the beginning of the appointment that they agreed to talk about a labor issue together.

After their meeting at the establishment, Roemer He invited her to his house with the supposed intention of showing her his library and giving her some books, although I would take advantage of this space to violate their security.

The actress said that already in the house of the journalist, she had to use her strength to escape harassment and a risky situation.

“He told me I’ll give you the tour (through the house) and when we got to his bedroom he went into the bathroom and I was left looking at some works that he had in his room. In the bathroom it took a maximum of a minute or two, it was very fast and suddenly She comes out with a bathrobe and nothing underneath, she came over me, she began to say a series of vulgar things to me. I have a very big angel who enlightened me, so at that moment I threw it and ran like a bullet ”, Danny Gamba concluded.

The actress’s testimony joins a long list of women who have publicly and legally denounced Andrés Roemer for sexual harassment and abuse.

The most notorious case has been that of the Mexican dancer Itzel Schnaas, who on February 15 publicly denounced having been harassed and sexually assaulted by the writer.

However, the anonymous complaints against him have been made since 2019. And according to the Twitter account Periodistas Unidas México, they have already collected at least 18 accusations against Roemer.

The actress's testimony joins a long list of women who have publicly and legally denounced Andrés Roemer for sexual harassment and abuse.
The actress’s testimony joins a long list of women who have publicly and legally denounced Andrés Roemer for sexual harassment and abuse.

In a video posted on YouTube, Schnaas narrated that he met Roemer during the Ciudad de las Ideas Festival in 2019, of which he is a co-founder (along with Ricardo Salinas Pliego), where an alleged job proposal arose. However, the writer took advantage of this scenario to sexually abuse her.

Days after the dancer offered her testimony, the journalist Monserrat Ortiz, through the Twitter profile United Mexican Journalists, shared his complaint against Roemer, which he made anonymously a couple of years ago, but which he has now decided to make public.

Both highlighted that the driver operated in the same way: He summoned the women to his home, near the Plaza Rio de Janeiro, in the Roma neighborhood, supposedly to talk about work. Once at home, the man took sexual advantage of his guests.

According to the portal of Process, three victims filed a criminal complaint for the crime of sexual violence against the writer. The three people went to the headquarters to formalize their criminal complaint with the Sexual Crimes Prosecutor’s Office.

The complaints were made a day after it became known that the Sexual Crimes Prosecutor’s Office began an investigation against Roemer Slomianski, after the public complaint made by the dancer Itzel Schnaas.


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