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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Gianluca Vacchi and Sharon Fonseca imitated “The P. Luche family” on TikTok: this is how Eugenio Derbez reacted

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Despite the fact that they became parents at the end of October, the Italian millionaire Gianluca Vacchi and his partner, the Venezuelan model Sharon Fonseca, continue to publish endless videos to entertain their millions of followers with dances, clips and pranks.

This week, the couple surprised by sharing in TikTok a video in which they imitate a scene from the Mexican series “The P. Luche family”, the successful production of Televisa Created by Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez.

In the sketch, Fonseca and Vacchi put themselves in the shoes of the protagonists of the series, Federica (Consuelo Duval) and Ludovico P. Luche (Derbez), and they interpret a comical sequence in which the couple quarrel over the displays of affection that are not dedicated.

– “Are you not going to hold my hand? No, not by force! ”, the scene begins, in which Sharon imitates Duval.

– “But it’s not by force my love, go ahead”, answers the Italian DJ, in the role of Derbez.

– “Without a kiss? Just like that, I always have to ask you to give me a kiss or to shake my hand because you are not born, “adds Fonseca.

The recording of the couple, famous on social networks for its viral content, was uploaded this Tuesday by the Venezuelan model to her TikTok account, and in less than 24 hours, it achieved nearly three million views and 361,300 likes. Eugenio Derbez himself reacted to the video and shared it on his profile.

Who identifies? @sharfonseca @gianlucavacchi #FamiliaPeluche “, wrote the Mexican actor when replicating the clip.

Despite the fact that the imitation of Gianluca Vacchi and Fonseca surprised thousands of followers of the series, this is not the first time that the two openly declare themselves fans of the P. Luche Family. Already in September 2020, they posted a video performing another fun scene.

“My love @gianlucavacci accompanies me to make the #familiapeluche videos. Big! @consueloduval @edervez ”, wrote the Venezuelan model.

On that occasion, the couple pretended to be Federica and Ludovico P. Luche, during a visit to a supermarket.

– “Get this too”, the scene begins.

– “Do they come together?” Asks the cashier.

– “Yes, yes, he is my husband”, responds the voice of Consuelo Duval, whom Fonseca imitates.

– Did you find everything you were looking for? ”Asks the salesperson.

– “No, no … I was looking for a blond and wealthy husband, but I got this one”.

Then, Eugenio Derbez also reacted to the clip and shared it on his Tiktok, where he addressed the Venezuelan top model with one of the famous phrases from the series: “Why aren’t you a normal wife Sharon?”, wrote.

Just last January 11, the protagonist of the series, Consuelo Duval, He turned 52, and the famous actor dedicated a beautiful video to him on Instagram and sent him a message that went viral on social networks.

“I did not forget that you are older today. Happy birthday @consueloduval ”, he wrote.


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