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From voice to text: how to transcribe WhatsApp and Telegram messages

There are different apps that allow messages received on WhatsApp or Telegram to go from audio to text

Listening to the audio messages on WhatsApp can be time consuming. As it transpired through WABetaInfo, version of the messenger, in beta, would include a functionality to speed up voice messages. Thus, it would be possible to choose between 1.5x and 2.0x for the playback speed.

After all, the goal is to save time (or use it in a way other than listening to audios) and, in this sense, there are apps that allow you to transcribe voice messages to text. Here is a list of the most prominent solutions, which can be downloaded for free.


Bot Voicy, for Telegram
Bot Voicy, for Telegram

It is a bot of Telegram which converts all messages and voice files (also works for WhatsApp) and video messages to text. It is a development of the entrepreneur Nikita Kolmogorov and to use it you have to access the site, and press the button Add to Telegram.

The application will open to start using it. There is more of 80 languages and dialects with which it is compatible. By forwarding the received audio to the bot, it will already transcribe the audio in seconds. The bot uses two speech recognition engines ( and Google Speech).

It is necessary to know that the bot channels within Telegram offer the possibility of accessing additional functions or information (it is even possible to watch series or listen to music). That is why you have to join the Voicy channel to start using it.

When entering the command / star and then select the language, each time an audio is received and you want to convert it to text, it must be forwarded to the bot and, as in other cases, it will be transcribed in seconds. The interesting thing is that it is not only used for voice audios, but also for other files that contain audio, such as videos.



It is an app that is used to transcribe audios from the Facebook messaging service. To use it, it must be installed as a independent WhatsApp app (it is not an official application). The voice message must be selected and when choosing the share button, the option to do it with Transcriber for WhatsApp will appear. It is an exclusive app for Android. The highlight of this application is that it works very well and without time limits.



Available for ios, is an app that allows you to transcribe audios to text, with a high level of precision (in all cases, if the audio has little or no ambient sound, the transcription is better). As in other cases, with the app downloaded, select the audio, choose share and select this app to do its job.

It works for WhatsApp voice messages (within the app, without having to switch between applications), Telegram, Signal and other messengers, and it also does it with videos. Used to text messages up to 1 minute long. Works offline and includes 45 languages.


Transcrypto, for iOS
Transcrypto, for iOS

With the same functionality as other apps, it allows you to migrate from audio to text in seconds. For ios, recognizes more than 50 languages, and it works for Telegram and WhatsApp. It can also be used as a voice-to-text converter for longer recordings from any recording application, such as Voice Memos, for example.

To do this, you must use the “Send to” function from the app you want to use to get the transcribed text quickly. If the chosen application is not compatible, from the application, in the App Store, they indicate that it is possible to contact them to have compatibility quickly.


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