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From the streets of Antigua Guatemala and with more than 30 musicians from around the world: Ricardo Arjona’s new show

(Photo: Ricardo Arjona’s Facebook)

“Steps, always steps … I walked looking for unknown skies. Always unknown. But it all started here. Including that: my first steps. Today, I return to show the world our greens, our two oceans watering our garden, our fiery volcanoes, its lakes of paradise and the city. The most magical city in the world: Antigua, Guatemala. Uniting more than thirty musicians from the world and from this country, the concert I always dreamed of where I never sang. From the land where I was born. Made to Antigua, from Antigua, Guatemala ”, Ricardo Arjona said about the land where he was born.

And to honor his beloved place, the singer decided to perform a show via streaming from the streets of Antigua Guatemala. In a year where virtual concerts became the new normal and there were shows from the living rooms of the artists’ houses and even in empty concerts, the interpreter of “Señora” or “Pingüinos en la cama”, announced that this recital would not it will have nothing to do with those seen before.

“From Antigua Guatemala and for the whole world”, is the only thing that they revealed from to Fenix ​​Entertainment Group on what the concert will be like for now is anyone’s guess. “We wanted to do something different and Ricardo Arjona is the right artist for this. A risky artist who breaks all the rules. And we are here to accompany this rebellion that we know will be something unforgettable for the world, ”said Belén Canzobre of the Entertainments Producer.

The musician was always characterized by showing different things and surely this will not be the exception. He even once said, daring to the challenge: “Tell me what to do not to do it.” After 2020 where the industry had to reinvent itself due to the pandemic and in 2021 where even in many cities shows continue to be closed, the challenge is even greater.

As a preview of what is coming a while ago, Arjona was walking the streets of Antigua Guatemala. He visited the most characteristic places of that colonial city, such as the Palace of the Captains and the Calle del Arco de Santa Catalina, among others. And the local media echoed the visit of your most illustrious citizen, but none of them could explain what the singer-songwriter had come to do at his birthplace.

During the pandemic, the Guatemalan did not stay still and released his album Covers, demos and other antics by Blanco, in which guest artists from two continents participate who sing in three languages. Among others, the English woman joined this project Joss stone who participates in the theme “You will survive” and the Spanish Pablo Alboran in “The love that had me”, Melendi in “The invisible” and the rapper Beret, in “Batichica”, the Puerto Rican Kany garcia in “Your portrait”, the Guatemalan singer and guitarist Gaby moreno in “The blues of notoriety”, Marc cohn in “Wet”, Niuver in “Tarot”, Manuel Mijares placeholder image in “Morir por Vivir” and Joshue Arias, Adriana Moreno Y Andreew in “Moms of Moses.”

The work was released from his record label, Metamorphosis and in it he gives rise to artists that he got to know through social networks and who, in a completely unprecedented event, later invited to sing with him. It should be noted that, given the impossibility of giving live concerts, Arjona tried to maintain contact with his followers virtually throughout this time. But they were waiting for a show with all the magic that the Guatemalan have used to. And this will take place shortly, from Antigua, Guatemala, and can be seen around the world through the streaming platform. In its course, you will make a tour of all the successes of your career.


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