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From “someone put a muzzle” to “misogynist”: the confrontation between Chumel Torres and Nay Salvatori for vaccination in private hospitals

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Once again, the opinions of the deputy of the Social Encounter Party (PES), Nayeli salvatori, generated an important controversy in social networks. On this occasion, the controversy arose because defended that vaccination of doctors in public hospitals be prioritized on that of specialists working for medical institutions private.

Through her Tik Tok account, the Puebla legislator stated that for the attention of a COVID-19 patient, a private hospital “Can get to charge up to 300,000 pesos per day ”, in addition to the fact that the doctor who works in this type of institution“ charges for attend by patient”He began in his one-minute recording.

In this sense, he warned that the difference with respect to doctors who work in government institutions is of great relevance, since a doctor who “works in a public hospital, serves thousands of patients earning the same salary”, Explained Salvatori, who has been involved in other controversies.

Therefore, he pointed out that a health professional belonging to a private institution would have greater economic possibilities to cover your expenses in case you get COVID-19. “It would reach more, if it gets infected, pay your treatment to a doctor from a private hospital than from a public one”, Highlighted Salvatori, who concluded his video saying that“ we are facing a fair government”.

However, his opinion generated opinions like that of the youtuber Chumel Torres, who asked to be put “A muzzle”, to which Salvatori replied saying that they better put him by “misogynist. You miss your chayotes so much that that’s why you love to polarize. You and I have something in common: I am a deputy of the fourth and you, a fourth-class journalist. Learn to respect women, you jerk. “

Later, in another video on the social network, the PES deputy clarified her comment and explained that she was not intended to imply that private physicians were excluded of the vaccination plan. “When I explain that they are more vulnerable up to a point because receive thousands of more cases public doctors, that’s why I said that it is good that they are being given priority ”, he stressed.

However, from his perspective, “that does not mean that don’t want other doctors to get the vaccine“Said the legislator, who also asked that she not be insulted for her opinions, in addition to stating that if she had to hand over your place for a doctor to get vaccinated, I would.

On this subject, the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, has asked the doctors in private hospitals don’t worry for his vaccination, well are also considered in the first stage of the processalthough they are still defining how the strategy will be carried out.

Discussion between Nayeli Salvatori and Chumel Torres.  (Photo: Screenshot)

“Medical colleague, doctor from the private sector who is not attached to a public health institution, you are also included in the vaccination plan. All medical professions that serve people with COVID-19 are at the same level of prioritization of public units and will be covered, “he said at a press conference.

And it is that although in the public sector they have identified the workers who will be vaccinated, in the private institutions the census to know who will be vaccinated.

However, he explained that “conversations have already been established for at least ten days, with the two largest consortiums or associations of private hospitals,” so they are at the waiting for reports and so extend vaccination among pay unit staff.

Likewise, López-Gatell said that health personnel in the public and private sectors who does not care for COVID-19 patients directly, as dentists, among others, will also be vaccinated, but in a after the first stage in which only those of higher priority for your level of exposure and risk.


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