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Ford F-150 Lariat test: a legend from another dimension

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Everything to the max. That is what the F-150, as the highest emblem of the pick ups of Ford, today framed in the inescapable weighting of Strong breed. To the maximum in tradition, not only because the F-150 is one of the outstanding icons (along with the Mustang or the Bronco) in the history of the brand, but because from its roots dozens of models and versions flourished that populated the streets of all the world. Generation after generation, the F-150 was shaping its capabilities to revalidate its validity. And like no other vehicle in the world, then, it built an enviable trajectory: no less than 43 years as the world’s best-selling pickup.

To the maximum in strength. The momentum that inspires from its size finds support in the construction on the edge of the indestructible. It features a military-grade steel chassis, massive and robust suspension, and an aluminum body. It is a mass of 2,200 kilos with almost six meters long (5,890 mm) that is intimidating. But above all, it inspires power, strength, magnitude. Isn’t that what you want in a full size pickup? Ford interprets it to the extreme in this exquisite example also in aesthetics, an indispensable condition to face a model installed and with good reception here like the Ram 1500, the rival that was waiting for the F-150 (And the Silverado?). We will then be in the presence of a giant duel, and not only because of its size, but also because of what these trucks mean in their home habitat, the United States, because of everything they offer, and because in these lands pick-ups arouse special passions.

On any terrain, ride comfort is never compromised.  Everything seems possible from your cabin.

To the maximum in comfort. The North American manufacturing concept, which constantly seeks to make people’s lives more practical, shows its attributes in this F-150. It could get a 10 in UX (User Experience). Despite its size and height to get on, getting into the driving position and achieving the most comfortable driving position takes just seconds. From the first moment it is possible to make friends with the interior and feel comfortable to move a tremendous surface.

It has a technological arsenal so that the driver feels comfortable. Seats with electric adjustments (including lumbar adjustment) with up to 10 memories, and the possibility of heating or cooling them according to the time of year, and also electrically adjustable pedals and steering column, the latter in height and depth. The menu is complete, but you don’t have to use everything to find yourself comfortably. The vision, meanwhile, is guaranteed by the exterior mirrors that look like two TV screens due to their size. The rest, well conceived under the parameters of North American comfort: coasters and storage on all sides, as a central armrest, and a huge electric panoramic roof.

The highlight: the rear seats. Those traveling in the rear will find unusual comfort in a vehicle. The space there is simply a living room. And to reinforce what practicality commands, when opening the box, inside the gate there is a ladder that can be deployed so that going up to the cargo space is not a problem given the height of the vehicle. Yes, the UX again …

To the maximum in technology. The Lariat package, introduced in 1978, alluded to Ford’s special versions that at the time offered more comfort, such as air conditioning, leather seats, door locks and power windows. This F-150 more than honors that first version and the purpose for which it was created, and It puts over 40 years of developments and experience in technological matters to increase comfort. This Lariat offers smart access and keyless start, Start & Stop system and door opening with security code (SecuriCode), through a keypad in the middle.

Center console with 8-inch screen and the efficient Ford Sync3 system, compatible with Apple Car Play & Android Auto.

It overwhelms with its two central information: on the one hand, the center console with an eight-inch touch screen, USB and Ford’s efficient Sync3 system, compatible with Apple Car Play & Android Auto, a sophisticated sound system with 10 speakers plus subwoofer and integrated satellite navigator (GPS). And on the other, a dashboard with six information tabs that is like having an open web browser to navigate. There the vehicle shows everything from the configuration data to details of the traction connection. It is practically impossible to need more information than, as a whole, this pick up provides.

Of course, where the technology applied in this vehicle is most valuable is safety: 10 airbags (including in the rear seat belts), and the package of driving assistance devices called Co-Pilot 360, which includes the Blind Spot Information System (BLIS), the Lane Keeping System (LKA ), Pre-Collision Assist with autonomous emergency braking and pedestrian detection (autonomously applies the brakes to help avoid a potential collision), Electric Power Steering (EPAS) with three modes (Normal, Sport and Comfort) , Pro Trailer Back-Up Assist (helps reverse parking with a trailer) and Anti-Roll Control (ROM) as the most prominent.

Like a train: this is how this F-150 goes.  Lots of power and technology combined.

The catalog is completed with the Stability Control (ESP) fundamental in this case to keep this mass under control. Due to their size and weight, they are not easy vehicles for the driver to accommodate when faced with sudden or unexpected maneuvers. Therefore, ESP is there as a guarantee. It can be disconnected, but it is not for everyone: in that case the 400 horses would all go together and without dosing the rear axle. Open end…

Full power. 5-liter V8 engine, 400 horsepower, the Mustang’s Coyote block. Without adding much more, it is enough to suppose how this pick up responds. But the delight of having such a V8 under the driver’s control is worth telling. This V8 runs in two stages, always extremely serene, despite its delicious roar. To travel on the road up to 120/130 km / h it behaves almost like a lower momentum driver. As long as the energy applied to the throttle is carefully managed, it can be brought to 1,200 / 1,300 rpm in high gears and with a fairly contained consumption. At that regime he travels really relaxed, and the truck glides on the asphalt showing off its comfort. A delight.

Military grade steel chassis and robust suspension, on the edge of the indestructible.

The good thing, and at times incredible, is that the 400 horses are there. So even traveling at very low laps the recovery is tremendous, very agile. Of course, starting to “play” with the accelerator has no return. Both the sound and the sensations conveyed by the V8 will make your heart beat rise. The verve of the V8 has no limits, irreverent, superb, supreme. With this engine you plant the Ram, which features the proven 395-horsepower 5.7 Hemi V8.

In ride comfort and efficiency this truck has a Leading role transmission, 10-speed automatic. It offers two fundamental aspects: it skips the changes, with which if the handling requires it, it can go from fourth to eighth directly, for example. And it also offers the possibility of limiting the gears by means of a command that allows defining how many we want to drive with. That is useful, for example, off road, to limit it to the lowest gears.

Dashboard with information display: it's like having a navigator in front of you.

To the fullest in lineage. There are several reasons to demand the maximum of its possibilities from a truck of these characteristics. In this case, first because it is Ford, one of the parent brands of pickups (together with GM) and then because it is an F-150, a benchmark for robustness and capacity in any field. Even so, this model ends up bringing any pretense or expectation to its knees, however exaggerated they may be. That feeling of omnipotence and reliability that the different generations of the F Series were weaving together, find in this F-150 a highlight. And the good thing is that it must be validated by the 2021 generation that is already on the way and that will also make the model disembark in the electric age.

By size, it feels more comfortable outside the city.  Where it is most enjoyed is on the road.

This F-150 can assert that lineage in any territory. Besides the engine, suspension is a constant invitation to move on anywhere without a second thought. Comfort never suffers, and at the height of the cabin everything seems easily surmountable. Clearly it is a vehicle to enjoy on the road and enjoy on trips, beyond its all-terrain possibilities (and its corresponding mechanics for it). Do not forget that it comes from another ecosystem, the loose roads of the United States and cities with room to move. Here the urban dimensions are designed for vehicles of European conception, therefore this pick up is somewhat scattered in these latitudes.

The presence of the F-150 in Argentina is a response to a small niche of users, who until now had only one option, the Ram. This Ford costs $ 66,500 (at the official exchange rate), while the FCA model costs $ 55,800. The level of equipment, comfort, safety and benefits in this range is so high that surely those who have the privilege of accessing one of these products define their consideration for the extra sentimental value. In that dimension, the F-150 has plenty of credentials that certify it as a legend. And that raises it to a unique level. To the max.


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