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Fernanda Castillo’s mother revealed that her daughter was very serious

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Fernanda Castillo has already been discharged from the hospital, but Cecilia García, the actress’s mother, seems to have confirmed that his situation was very serious.

According to the Instagram account chamonic3, Cecilia gave a message where she thanked the fans for the love they showed both her and her daughter. In a second comment, he implied that his daughter’s life was in real danger, as he was grateful that life has given him the opportunity to see his daughter live longer, so he also felt happy.

Thank you all for your nice messages for me and my daughter Fer. I want to share with you that I received the cutest birthday present that I have never received a January 11, after how serious it was, see my daughter alive“Said the actress’s mother.

Castillo has already been discharged (Photo: Fernanda Castillo's Instagram)

In addition to this, the grandmother of the newborn Liam, empathized with the mothers who have gone through the loss of a child, and expressed her condolences to all of them.

“I dedicate to all mothers who have lost a child of any age, a prayer for the prompt healing of their soul,” he concluded his message.

According to reports from Tell me what you knowCastillo was discharged on Friday, January 15, from the Spanish Hospital in Mexico City. The protagonist of the second season of “Monarca” was hospitalized in an emergency last Monday, three weeks after giving birth. According to the report of First impactCastillo was taken to the hospital due to an emergency allegedly related to her recent delivery.

After giving birth to little Liam on December 19, the actor Erik hayser, revealed that Fernanda was hospitalized. However, he did not give more details of the hospitalization and assured that sHe is on the lookout for her.

Hayser and Castillo became parents on December 19 (Photo: Fernanda Castillo's Instagram)

Hayser thanked the press for their concern regarding the 38-year-old artist’s health. While it was inferred that the little Liam, who was almost a month old, could be in the care of his relatives.

Still at Christmas the couple toasted and shared a message on Instagram where they asked for a better 2021 for humanity.

Liam came into the world on December 19 and fIt was until Wednesday, December 23, that the happy parents published the news on their social networks with a tender image: the footprint of the newborn.

“Liam Hayser Castillo 12/19/2020 / There are three of us,” the interpreter wrote, revealing that her baby was already four days old at that time.

Castillo shared the preparations for receiving the baby (Photo: Instagram @fernandacga)

The news took her followers by surprise, who immediately filled her with praise and praise for the baby. The good one generated diverse reactions on the part of some members of the middle of the show: “Wow, congratulations Fer and Erik”, wrote Sandra Echeverría; message replicated by Ari Borovoy, Ana Brenda Contreras, Camila Sodi and Mauricio Martínez, among others.

Since Castillo announced her pregnancy, neither she nor her partner stopped sharing aspects of it throughout the months of gestation: such as a meditation session and preparations for the reception of the baby. Fernanda had also published images of the room that the couple set up for the newborn.

Until this Saturday, January 13, neither Castillo nor Hayser have commented on what happened this week.


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