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Monday, March 8, 2021

Fabiola Campomanes’ “obsession” caused her face to be injured

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Fabiola Campomanes learned a lesson in an unfortunate way, because the obsession she had to disappear spots on her face, led her to have severe injuries on it.

Without a drop of makeup and with apparent nerves, The actress showed in an Instagram video the injuries caused by the various treatments for spots on the face.

“I make this video with a washed face, not so that they judge me but to give them a little advice […] Eight years ago I got some spots on my face, precisely because of abusing the sun – you never have to abuse anything – andeight years ago I have been obsessed with them and wanting them to disappear from my skin. Although I have very good skin and I should be grateful for the skin that I have, because I was obsessed with taking them off, ”she began.

Campomanes said that he went to the best doctors to try to remove the spots and took different treatments. While some helped him, others not so much, but he decided to continue. But it was the most recent treatment that affected her skin.

My skin no longer held, I think it is already very treated and began to open […] I trust that obviously they will heal, they will heal, they will be fine “, said the protagonist of” The Game of Keys “.

The actress took this as a warning from her body, but also as a way of accepting that in life there will always be changes and not accepting this could have harsher consequences.

“The most important thing is the wake-up call of my own body, that’s how I see it. And to understand that it is not good to obsess over anything, it is silly, it is not real, you have to accept the changes. Why everything changes, that is a constant in our lives, if we do not understand it we will suffer a lot”He added thoughtfully.

The actress insisted to her more than 1,500,000 followers that we should not obsess over small details, because in the end nobody is perfect. The most important thing is to reflect on the internal and discover the people who are inside.

“Sometimes it’s hilarious to use the filters and see those perfect skins, but perfection doesn’t exist, it’s not real. The reality of things is that we are all going to change, our physique will change and we have to flow with that. Let us trust what is real, the energy that we are, in what we make people feel, that is incredible, that is more beautiful, because it cannot be seen, it is felt ”, said Campomanes on the verge of tears.

The interpreter asked her followers not to obsess over small details (PHOTO: SAÚL LÓPEZ / CUARTOSCURO)

The interpreter assured that taking care of the physical should be very important for people, especially for health aspects since in these times it has proven very important. He added that it is time to do an internal analysis and review what we have

“We are not obsessed, nobody is perfect. What yes, is that We can be more beautiful every day, from here inside. We have that opportunity every day. Maybe time will change us physically, but also time can change us each time for the better, internally, so let’s trust that ”, he concluded.

The actress excused her tears by saying that she was very sensitive, so she simply kissed her followers goodbye and turned off the camera.


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