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“Everything is so precarious in Mexico”: Pedrito Sola’s controversial tweet that sparked outrage and mockery

Pedro Sola in Mazatlán (Courtesy: @pedrosola)

Although Pedro Sola is one of the most beloved characters on televisionThis time, his followers on social networks were not happy, because he stumbled on statements when he assured that the country is so precarious that when he got off a plane, after visiting Mazatlan, he had to walk on a cracked pavement.

Everything is so precarious in Mexico that you arrive at an airport in a tourist destination like Mazatlán and they get you off the plane halfway through the runway and you walk between the parked planes and on a broken pavement to get to the terminal, a sad reality we live in, ”wrote the driver of Ventaneando on social networks.

This unleashed criticism and ridicule from the tweeting community, and although he was not baptized as a “lord”, many pointed it out because they were unaware of the infrastructure conditions in many places in the country, in this case the airports. “You can wait in the US while we get to the first world Don @pedrosola. Serious question: Until now, did you realize the precarious situation or in times of the PRI or PAN was it not worth criticizing? “, Wrote a tweeter about Sola’s statements

“It is sad that we live in a country where 70% of Mexicans have never been to an airport and there are people who always live in their pastel pink world,” another Internet user described by the driver’s message. “ANLO ordered the ground to be cracked so that you would get depressed” Pedrito “; did you really advise Colosio? Apparently your mistake was more serious than confusing brands of mayonnaise “, ironized another with the famous episode in which Sola confused brands of condiments, and he made it a subject of ridicule that has endured for a long time.

“When I get off the plane halfway down the runway I #MarilynMonroeMuch depends on the fantasy you decide to live when you travel by plane. I send you kisses, Pedrito, ”was another message on Twitter, although this time with supportive overtones. Days before, during his visit to Sinaloa, he described that he spent one of his days in a restaurant, and even had the applause of Internet users, because in photos he shared the use of face masks when other diners didn’t.

On the other hand, it should be noted that Sola has also been a trend for promoting her own clothing brand. In the company of Pati Chapoy and Daniel Bisogno, Sola announced to the public
of Ventaneando, which is about to present a line of shirts that, it presumes, were made by a Lebanese designer and are for sale to all its followers.

“He is an entrepreneur”, is the message that can be read on the social networks of the program he leads, where he showed some of the shirts that can be purchased. In the garments we find the presenter’s face, memes and phrases such as “on the scale of Tío Pedrito, How do you feel today?”. Pedrito Sola promised that these shirts are the first of many that we will find soon.

Pedro Sola announces his brand of t-shirts in 'Ventaneando' (Screenshot: Instagram @tiopedritoshop)
Pedro Sola announces his brand of t-shirts in ‘Ventaneando’ (Screenshot: Instagram @tiopedritoshop)

“It was wonderful that today we can carry Pedrito Sola on our chest,” while showing a shirt with Sola’s photo, where he is seen with an expression of surprise and happiness. Pedro’s new venture was criticized on social networks for being very similar to that of the journalist and presenter Lolita Ayala, because a few months ago he put a brand of clothing with his image on sale through the Lolita Ayala Shop page. Several of the products were sold out shortly after being launched: the mask with the phrase “He’s gone” and the “Phil Barrera” T-shirt were among the first.


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