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Enrique Guzmán thinks about the reunion of Frida Sofía and Alejandra Guzmán: “It is a commercial purpose”

Enrique Guzmán shared his annoyance at Frida Sofía’s intentions for the phone call to Alejandra Guzmán. (Photo: Cuartoscuro and @ ifridag / Instagram)

“It is a commercial purpose of Frida”, shared the singer Enrique Guzmán before the last media confrontation that mother and daughter hadIt was announced by the ‘La Guzmán’ team that the call between them was an ambush against the singer.

Faced with the annoyance of the Mexican singer, her father said that “It is a situation that they have to improve among themselves, not on a television channel or to promote an album”, as they were part of a media scandal once again.

After what Alejandra Guzmán made public that she tested positive for COVID-19, the influencer Frida Sofía considered that a reconciliation was important in view of the danger that the disease represented for her mother’s health.

That is why, through the American program Wake up America, Frida Sofía and Alejandra starred in a touching call where both were sincere as never before about their relationship.

“To be happy I need you in my life, to be happy, to feel complete. And I know that you love me too and I’ve been there. It has hurt me a lot to be so distant and I miss you, but we do have to talk so many things that it hurts both of us “Frida Sofía said in the phone call.

Nevertheless, All Parts Move, Alejandra Guzmán’s representative team, rushed to share a statement where it made it clear that the call had actually been part of the promotion of Frida Sofía’s musical career: “This morning, the drivers of Wake up America (Univision), along with her daughter Frida Sofía, ambushed Alejandra Guzmán while she was recovering from COVID-19 at her home in Mexico “.

The team of representatives of Frida Sofía did not take long to formulate a response to the statement, where it can be read that “It is irresponsible, on the part of Ms. Guzmán’s team, to accuse of sensationalism or sensationalism when the only thing that happened last Friday was a sublime moment between mother and daughter”.

After this response, the ‘La Guzmán’ team acknowledged that their message had been written “in a very strong way” and apologized, but maintained that the phone call had not been consensual and was made despite being asked not to.

Given this, Enrique Guzmán, Alejandra’s father and Frida Sofía’s grandfather, shared in an interview with the Venteando program that the event bothered his daughter in full recovery from COVID: “Alejandra is not enthusiastic about this, she is not enthusiastic as if it were true”.

The influencer Frida Sofía was promoting her latest album when she spoke by phone call with Alejandra Guzmán (Photo: @ ifridag / Instagram)
The influencer Frida Sofía was promoting her latest album when she spoke by phone call with Alejandra Guzmán (Photo: @ ifridag / Instagram)

In addition, he also made it clear that he was conflicted by the fact that Frida Sofía may have starred in another episode of confrontation with her mother due to the fact that she was seeking to raise her raking before the launch of his new album.

“I hope she is honest in the sense that she is wanting to make amends. Now, it bothers me that he does it for publicity, because he does attack me “he said in the interview. The singer believes that the situation between the two is a matter that should be resolved outside the cameras and alone, since it is these types of situations that lead not only to further damage the relationship, but also to the conflicts within it not being resolved. .

Although Enrique Guzmán made his position clear in this situation, he stressed that the only issue that is worth an opinion is the health of his wife, Rosa Welber, since she was recently hospitalized, but is cautious about the statements of Frida Sofía and Alejandra Guzmán: “It seems to me that it is too early for everything that has happened, there are things that I suspect are not real”.


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