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“El Perro” Bermúdez and his wife have already received the vaccine against COVID-19: they criticize him on social networks

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The sportscaster, Enrique “The Dog” Bermúdez, he presumed that he has already received his COVID-19 vaccine in Miami, but this earned him a series of criticisms despite the fact that due to his age he is one of the first to receive the antidote.

The 70-year-old presenter posted on Twitter his joy that both he and his wife received the biological yesterday in Miami, Florida, where they have lived for several years.

“I share with great happiness, that thank God my wife @ LETICIA777 and a server, we have just been vaccinated against Covid-19Here in Miami !! ”, he wrote yesterday afternoon on his social network.

But for this confession criticism rained down on him, since they accused him of having used his influence and of giving money in exchange for health benefits.

(Photo: Twitter)

“The rich always humiliating the poor”, “Luxuries that one cannot give oneself in the Mexico of Q4” or “All the doctors and nurses said first, but you see in the USA everything is pure farce”, were some of the comments he received after admitting that he had already been vaccinated.

The sportscaster was not silent and clarified that he did not pay anything for the vaccine and that he received it because he is already part of the risk group due to his advanced age.

“It doesn’t cost a penny. Poor your opinion. !!Cheers!!” and “It is by age we go beets first. Hug!!”, explained on his Twitter account.

He also went further and reported that he still has to wait a month to receive the second dose and that so far he has not had an allergic reaction.

“No symptoms until now after 4 hours !!” and “The second dose is missing and you still have to take care of yourself !!!”

“They ask me a lot how much I pay? It’s free, it comes out of taxes !!! ”, he said after receiving more comments about his disclosure.

But not everything was critical of “El Perro” Bermúdez and is that Many of his fans celebrated that he is about to be immune to the dangerous virus that emerged in China at the end of 2019.

“Congratulations, big dog !! Hopefully soon the entire population runs with the same fortune “,” Side effect: abundant hair “or” Congratulations red-black friend !!! “

Miami-Dade County, Florida generated a strategy so that the first to receive the vaccine are residents and staff in long-term care facilities, healthcare workers in direct contact with COVID patients (including paramedics and Emergency Medical Services personnel), as well as adults 75 years of age or older.

As of Monday, January 4, 2021, the Jackson Health System Activated an online platform for Miami-Dade County residents 65 years of age or older to request a vaccination appointment and then they receive a call with the date and time of confirmation.

For now, only those patients who meet specific risk criteria will be able to get a vaccine. In later days, the rest of the people will be able to request the antidote.

The historic Mexican soccer commentator is one of the celebrities who have already received the COVID-19 vaccine in the United States.

One of the first to share that he received the antidote in Texas, was the lead singer of the group Untouchable, Ricardo Muñoz, who received more than one attack for this situation.

After harsh criticism issued against him for being a person outside the medical sector and the vulnerable group affected by the virus, he described his statement as “a sensitive issue.”

He assured that his access to the vaccine was not illegal or used influential, Instead, he took advantage of an opportunity that was presented to him, announced by the medical personnel of the state of Texas, in the United States.


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